I also maintain a complete private database - I am happy to provide data on an individual basis -

e-mail: nca "at" to get in touch.

Please note: I have intentionally not done complete history of owners / operators of each aircraft . This would be a mammoth task, I hope to do this eventually if I have the energy and time. Remember I like to do other things.

Note: Since 2014, this has changed, as we are now considerably "fleshing out" the details!!!

You will also find that often the current owner is not shown. My own private database is kept current, and when I add a picture to a particular aircraft page, I usually try to update at that time, if time permits!!

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"Beaver hunter" camera in hand - Photo: Robert A. Edwards © September 1997


Please ask and I will post what info I have on it ;-) and a picture as well.
If I don't have one, can you supply one?
I hope that this will eventually be the Master Reference Index for all 1,692 Beavers built !
Give this index page lots of time to load.


Scroll down or click for Master Index
The underlined will link to an abbreviated history.
I have most Beavers tracked down, the information is documented, now to get it on the web for all to see. My research commenced in 1986. Hopefully some enigmas will be resolved with your help.
As the Air-Britain and former Aviation Databases Specialist on the type, I invite your questions. . and maybe some answers! I'm trying to add at least


It will be a "work in progess" for a long time! Return often, I welcome your visit, your added comments make it all the more interesting to do! Even if it is only to know someone is out there with a similar interest.
These numbers below will link to the airframe abbreviated history and another, or larger picture when they are underlined.
Your comments and suggestions are always welcome !

Photo: CF-PCG c/n 1000 courtesy DHC © (negative 6813)

I have been asked by many, and am curious myself, as to the number of DHC-2 airframes that still exist. I will gradually work my way through this index and colour the cell green if I know the airframe still is extant. Whether or not it is flying/flyable, I will need help from visual sightings. Can you help there? Any conflicts, please contact me via nca "at"

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GREEN Current Airframe - Operational

• BLUE • Museum exhibit - Current (or in store)

• Amber Extant but non-operational (stored or all major parts of airframe exist but are unflyable; spares recovery).

• RED Written Off / Destroyed - has not been rebuilt & future rebuild unlikely.

• Gray • No current accurate info (Unable) to determine current status, location or operator.

White numerals underlined Means we a have link to a page on this website.

• Black numerals • No page yet on the website. (We usually have the data - it is being added when time permits).

Disclaimer: This information is purely our best guess - to be used at your own discretion.
* Denotes that we have no photograph at present - Can you help with one or two?