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CF-GIX with Pacific Western.
Photo: Don Neely © C.1957 - Don Neely Collection - via Doug Chisholm




Entries preceded by date are extracts from Department of Transport archives.

27-Jul-1948 Allotment of CF-GIX to a DHC-2 for A.M. Berry, Edmonton, AB.

19-Aug-1948 Application for registration by Arthur Massey Berry, Edmonton, AB., for DHC-2 msn 16.

25-Aug-1948 DHC advise DoT that Beaver CF-GIX msn 16 will be owned by A. M. Berry.

25-Aug-1948 Test flown for Aeroplane Inspection Release Certificate by G. A. Neal.

26-Aug-1948 Certificate of Airworthiness #2827 issued.

26-Aug-1948 Certificate of Registration #7249 issued to A. M. Berry

• CF-GIX Arthur M. Berry & Co., Edmonton, AB. Regd 26-Aug-1948. Delivered 27-Aug-1948.

01-Mar-1949 Application for registration by Territories Air Service Ltd (president. A. M. Berry).

04-Mar-1949 Bill of Sale; A. M. Berry to Territories Air Service Ltd., Edmonton, AB.

17-Mar-1949 Certificate of Registration # 7838 issued, Territories Air Service Ltd.

• CF-GIX Territories Air Service Ltd., Edmonton, AB. Regd 17-Mar-1949.

16-Jul-1951 Bill of Sale; Territories Air Service Ltd., to Associated Airways Ltd., Edmonton, AB.

04-Aug-1951 Application for registration by Associated Airways Ltd.

15-Aug-1951 Certificate of Registration #10410 issued, Associated Airways Ltd.

• CF-GIX Associated Airways, Edmonton, AB. 15-Aug-1951

Accident: Hay Lakes Mission Lat 58°43’N Long 118°43’W. 10-Feb-1954. While attempting landing rear check cable fitting on right ski broke allowing main ski to revert. When landing was made the aircraft ground looped to the right. There was minor damage as the tail yoke was pulled off causing some damage to the rear bulkhead. The pilot, James Douglas Rae uninjured.

Accident, 34 miles east of Hay River on Great Slave Lake 10-Dec-1954 Failed to switch tanks due to being distracted by poor weather, engine quit, Aircraft damaged in forced landing. Pilot, James Douglas Rae uninjured,

Accident: Lat 58°32’N Long 120°09’W. 14-Jan-1955. While landing at the strip the tail wheel caught a hole just after touching down and the impact cased the failure of the tail wheel oleo.  The oleo came forward into the rear fuselage bulkhead damaging same. The yoke came up damaging the front left yoke fitting and the lower skin from the attachment fittings back to the tail cone. Pilot J. C. Lunan uninjured.

Accident: Lat 57°30’N Long 120°46’W. 20-Feb-1955. Tail wheel assembly failed after hitting a rock during a landing. Pilot J. D. Rae uninjured.

(undated) Certificate of Registration. #10410 amended by hand to read Pacific Western Airlines (Alberta) Ltd following PWA’s takeover of Associated Airways in 1955.

• CF-GIX Pacific Western Airlines Ltd. Circa Dec-1956.

Accident: Near High Lake, Northwest Territories, (Nunavut) 67.22N/110.50W. 29-Aug-1958. Whilst based at Yellowknife, aircraft stalled and crashed. According to the investigation the engine quit on take-off due to water in fuel system; the aircraft had recently been in Edmonton, AB., for an extensive overhaul and its wings were known to stall while the ASI indicated a high speed, The pilot Bud Marceau plus four geologists were killed. Aircraft deemed a write off on 16-Sep-1958, however, wreck still in situ in July 2007 after nearly 50 years. Written off 19-Sep-1958.

Total time since new as recorded in Department of Transport archives.

16-Nov-1949   1,039 hours (based Fort Smith, NT).

17-Nov-1950   1,784 hours.

09-Nov-1951   2,501 hours.

06-Nov-1952   3,372 hours.

13-Nov-1953   4,216 hours.

07-Nov-1956   7,014 hours.

16-Oct-1957   7,794 hours.

07-Jun-1958   7.979 hours.

Removed from register