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c/n 15-R
CF-JHE at Boundry Lake on the Unik River, BC.
Photo: George Kent © 1960
CF-JHE at Seal Cove, Prince Rupert, BC.
Photos: George Kent © early 1959

c/n 15R




Entries preceded by dates are extracts from Department of Transport Archive.

16-Mar-1956 Pacific Western Airlines order DHC-2 fuselage structure including tanks, seats and floor from DHC. To be shipped to PWA Patricia Bay shop.

22-May-1956 DHC ship PWA fuselage structure No. 15-R, billed 24-May $18,443 including sales tax.

Note: PWA built a new aircraft from this plus wings etc, at their Pat Bay facility.

23-Jul-1956 Allotment of registration CF-JHE to Beaver msn 15R for Pacific Western Airlines (format ‘15R’, all later references used ’15-R’).

01-Aug-1956 application for registration by Pacific Western Airlines Ltd.

Note: It was inspected by Ministry of Transport on 30-Aug-1956. Hence the c/n 15R.

30-Aug-1956 Certificate of Airworthiness #5571 issued .

30-Aug-1956 Certificate of Registration #16613, Pacific Western Airlines, issued.

• CF-JHE Pacific Western Airlines Ltd., Vancouver, BC. Regd 23-Jul-1956-1967.

………….. initially on amphibious Edo 58-4580s, then straight -4580s and to skis by November.

Note Accident: Beaverdell, BC. 15-Oct-1964, On arriving at Beaverdell BC from Kettle Valley Strip the aircraft landed long and gently rolled off the end of the runway and overturned. Pilot, Donald James Thomson and one passenger uninjured but a second passenger was injured due to the seat attachment failure. The substantial damage suffered by the aircraft was repaired by KCR Aircraft Industries. Repaired and inspected by 05-Apr-1965.

25-Jul-1968 Bill of Sale; Pacific Western Airlines to Pacific Western Northern Services Ltd.

01-Aug-1968 application for registration by Pacific Western Northern Services Ltd, Vancouver, BC.

02-Aug-1968 Certificate of Registration #45424 issued to Pacific Western Northern Services Ltd.

• CF-JHE Pacific Western Northern Services Ltd, Vancouver, BC.

02-Aug-1968 application for registration by Trans Provincial Airlines Ltd., Terrace, BC.

03-Aug-1968 Certificate of Registration #45433 issued to Trans Provincial Airlines Ltd., Terrace, BC.

• CF-JHE Trans-Provincial Airlines Ltd. Terrace, BC. Regd 03-Aug-1968.

Accident: Kildala Pass. British Columbia. 12 mile northwest Kemano, 53.44N/128.05W 29-Aug-1969. While on a charter from Tahtsa Lake to Lakelse BC the aircraft crashed into the side of mountain at 4800ft while flying through the narrow Kildala Pass between Kitimat and Kemano, BC. It fell into a funnel slide and burned. It was, carrying a geologist and prospecting crew. The search lasted a long time. The wreck was discovered when an Army Survey crew member recalled seeing a bright flash on a distant mountain peak. The pilot, John Dale Turcotte and four passengers had received fatal injuries. The aircraft was destroyed by fire.  The RCAF flew an S-51 out to the Canol Pipeline Road to investigate but the helicopter went u/s. An S-55 was used to reach the site and bring the bodies out.

• CF-JHE Canx by Transport Canada 27-Apl-1970.

Total hours since new as recorded in Department of Transport archives.

04-Aug-1957   702 hours.

06-Aug-1958   1,727 hours.

24-Jul-1959   2,406 hours (based Terrace, BC).

23-Jun-1960   2,821 hours (based Terrace, BC).

26-Apr-1961   3,227 hours (based Terrace, BC).

25-Apr-1962   3,598 hours (based Peace River, AB).

15-Apr-1963   3,792 hours (based Peace River, AB).

30-Mar-1964   4,073 hours (based Edmonton, AB).

05-Apr-1965   4,339 hours (based Vancouver, BC).

28-Mar-1966   5,181 hours (based Prince Rupert, BC).

03-Apr-1967   5,626 hours (based Prince Rupert, BC).

28-Mar-1968   6.369 hours (based Prince Rupert, BC)

12-Mar-1969   7,079 hours.

• C-GHXN John R. Dapp, Delta, BC. Re regd 06-Apr-2001. Canx 16-Feb-2005.

Status unknown