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C-GUJI March in Yellowknife.
Photo: Pierre Gillard © 22 March 2020
C-GUJI with C-FMXS enjoying a northern night together.
Photo: Daniel Acton © 29 September 2016
C-GUJI on Back Bay at Yellowknife.
Photo: Daniel Acton © 31 August 2018
C-GUJI at her new home in Yellowknife.
Photo: Dale Tiedeman © 25 August 2016
C-GUJI transits through Pelican Lake, Ontario.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 19 August 2014
C-GUJI with her guardian Otters.
Photo: Michel Giroux © 06 May 2007
C-GUJI at home base.
Photo: Michel Giroux © 04 June 2006
C-GUJI at Robérval on Lac St Jean.
Photo: Marcel Fluet-Le Cerf © 1999 - Len Bayliss Collection


56-0401 • N9821F • N68013



56-0401 US Army # 1721. L-20 No. 722. Command A-11. Delivered 12-Sep-1957. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

56-0401 Oklahoma ANG.  Dates unknown.

56-0401 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 09-Feb-1972 to 26-Feb-1976. PCN (Product Control Number) HS088. As this is a USAF code presumably transferred to the USAF inventory.

N9821F Owner unknown, Chesterfield, MS. Dates unknown.

N68013 Owner operator unknown. Canx 12-Apr-1976.

C-GUJI Imported into Canada. Regd 18-Apr-1976.

C-GUJI Air Saguenay Inc., Chicoutimi, QC. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 20-May-1977.

tt 14,2771.1 SMOH 1,254.4  27-Aug-1993.

C-GUJI Air Saguenay (1980) Inc., Jonquière, QC. Regd 27-Mar-1981, 23-May-2003 and 02-Sep-2003. Based Lac Sebastien.

C-GUJI Ahmic Air Ltd., Pitt Meadows, BC. Regd 10-Aug-2016. Based Yellowknife, YT.

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