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CF-MPO accident scene,
Photo: Unknown photographer © Circa 14 July 1963
Memorial located at Carmacks, Yukon.
Photos: Brian Langevin © 26 July 2020



Entries preceded by date are extracts from Canadian Department of Transport archives.

25-Jul-1952 RCMP request CF-MPO from their block of registrations for Beaver msn359.

31-Jul-1952 Allotment of registration CF-MPO for DHC-2 msn359.

03-Sep-1952Application for registration by Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

29-Sep-1952 DHC advise DoT that owner of Beaver CF-MPO is Her Majesty The Queen, in right of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

29-Sep-1952 test flown for Aircraft Inspection Release Certificate by G. A. Neal.

29-Sep-1952 Certificate of Airworthiness #3790 issued.

29-Sep-1952 Certificate of Registration #11344 entered on the register of Canada, document issued 06-Oct-1952.

CF-MPO Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Air Services, Ottawa. ON. Certificate of Registration #11344 issued 29-Sep-1954. Delivered 29-Sep-1952. Canx 1963.

Accident: Carmacks, 25 mi. SW of Ross River, Yukon, 62° 06´N 136° 17´W. 13-Jul-1963. The aircraft crashed whilst attempting to land failing to maintain flying speed while the aircraft was manoeuvring in unknown wind conditions and stalled at too low a height for a recovery to be made. Nothing was found to indicate any malfunction in the engine, airframe or controls that might have contributed to the accident. There is evidence of unusual conditions in the Carmacks basin. Wind may blow in some areas of the basin while the rest of the area is calm. It is possible that the aircraft was caught in a wind shear. A condition little recognised at the time. The pilot, Sergeant C.K.M. Laughland and passengers Corporal R.W. Asbie, Constable M.L.A. Malcolm, Constable W.J.D. Annand and Mr C. Desormeaux killed. The aircraft burned. Wreck subsequently compacted by a large Caterpillar tractor and buried on site.

Note: Constable W. J. D. Ammand is buried in the cemetery at Salem United Church, Highway 2, Summerstown, ON.

CF-MPO Cancelled CCAR. 10-Sep-1963.

Total time since new as recorded in Department of Transport archives.

15-Sep-1953 - 590 hours.

02-May-1957 - 2,715 hours.

02-May-1958 - 3,279 hours.

17-Jun-1959 - 3,903 hours.

13-May-1960 -  4,328 hours.

23-Jun-1961 - 4,919 hours.

28-May-1962  - 5,450 hours.

27-Nov-1962 - 5,692 hours.