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P-01 Argentine Air Force / Fuerza Aérea Argentina or FAA. Delivered 06-Oct-1960.

Operated with Grupo Aéreo Antarctica 1.

Accident: Antarctica, May or Jun-1961. Severely damaged by high winds either in May or June 1961 at an unknown location in Antarctica.

Argentine Air Force History: Operator also designated as Argentine Aero Military Mission but this was possibly to cover the delivery flight. It was flown from Downsview by a DHC crew alongside P-02 initially to Aeroparque (Jorge Neubery) at Buenos Aires and then on to El Palomar in Greater Buenos Aires. It was allocated to the Grupo Aereo Antartica 1. (Note local spelling). The delivery date is variously quoted as a non specific August 1960 and DHC records show specifically 06-Oct-1960.

In December 1960 the aircraft was flown to Ushuaia regarded as the southernmost City in Argentina if not the world where it was disassembled and loaded onto the icebreaker ARA (General) San Martin. From here it was delivered and unloaded at the Argentinean Antarctic base named Esperanza (Hope) located at the tip of the very prominent Trinity Peninsula, Graham Land.

On 16-Feb-1961 it completed its first flight after re assembly near the base, presumably on skis. On 15-Mar-1961 the base of Matienzo was established at Nunatek Larsen, a small volcanic outcrop on the Larsen Iceshelf approx 300km south of Esperanza. Under the direction of Capt. Igancio Carro, 240 tons (or perhaps tonnes) of material were moved by Beavers P-01 & P-02 together with tracked vehicles from Base Esperanza to this new base. The aircraft conducted several flights between the two bases until severely damaged by high winds either in May or June 1961 at an unknown location. The records are unclear as P-02 was also involved in a similar incident in one of the two months mentioned. The eventual fate of P-01 is un recorded.

Thanks to Michael Magnusson for the basic information and various websites for additional Geographical information.

Fate Unknown