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c/n 77

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c/n 77



Entries preceded by date are extracts from Canadian Department of Transport archives.

27-Dec-1949 Application for registration by Department of Lands & Forests.

16-May-1950 DHC advise Department of Transport DHC-2 c/n 77 CF-OCW owner is Department of Lands& Forests.

16-May-1950 Test flown for Aircraft Inspection Release Certificate by G.A. Neal.

17-May-1950 Certificate of Airworthiness # ???7 issued.

17-May-1950 Certificate of Registration # 8714 issued to Department of Lands & Forests.

• CF-OCW Province of Ontario Government, Department of Lands and Forests, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Regd 17-Maay-1949. Delivered 19-May-1950.

Accident: Birch Lake, Township 176, District of Algoma, ON. 19-May-1953. Crashed after takeoff Engine failure at 100’ after fuel pump malfunction. Aircraft written off. The aircraft stalled into second growth poplar and birch about 50 yards from SE shore of Birch Lake. Pilot F.B. Evans and firefighters Hector Fortin, Jack Young, Godfrey Jones, Russel Manitowabi and Alphonse Ossawabine escaped with bruises. Because of inaccessibility dismantled and salvaged on site, floats, wings, fuselage and tailplane left in bush

Total time since new as recorded in Canadian Department of Transport archives

17-Apr-1951    274 hours

07-Apr-1952    563 hours

11-Mar-1953    628 hours

• CF-OCW Canx by Transport Canada 17-Jun-1957.

Written off