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c/n 165
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c/n 165



51-16471 USAF #1008. L-20A No: 9 Available on 14-Dec-1951, accepted 31-Dec-1951. Delivered on 12-Jan-1952.

Reduced to spares

USAF History


The aircraft was assigned to the Alaska Air Force and. Delivered on 12-Jan-1952. It was initially allocated to the 5064th Cold Weather Test Squadron and the 5001st Research & Development Group at Ladd AFB. It suffered category 2 damage in a taxiing accident at Blair Lake, Alaska on 14-Feb-1952 with pilot John L. Wilson. It was repaired and returned to service and then it suffered category 3 damage in a landing accident 100 mi. SW of Umiat, Alaska on the 24-Apr-1952. It remained with the 5064th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron until 09-Jun-1952. It was then assigned to the 5001st Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron still at Ladd until 25-Jul-1952 before moving back to the 5064th until 09-Jun-1953.

It served with the 5th Liaison Squadron at Elmendorf from 09-Jun-1953 until 12-Apr-1954 after which it returned to Ladd and the 5001st Air Base Group.

Emblem of the 5001st Air Base group

It suffered a category 2 accident (minor / medium damage) in a ground collision between Ladd AFB and Livewood, Alaska on 25-Nov-1953, when attached to the 5th Liaison Squadron. The pilot was Dominick J Sacco. It is then recorded as suffering category 4 accident (serious damage) in a landing incident 5 miles NNW of Simaru, Alaska on 08-Apr-1954. It is recorded as being with the 5th Liaison Squadron at Elmendorf for the short period between the 08-May-1954 and 10-May-1954. The record shows that the aircraft was recommended to be reduced to spares after which the assignment to the Alaska Air Force Command was terminated.