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c/n 164
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c/n 164

N1525V • FAEC-17



Note: Out of paint shop 31-Oct-1951. Page Heading shows 164 (with 139 shown as an afterthought) Metal prime and preps on night. Extra care taken with metal prep. Aircraft Grey cellulose. Insignia on days. Babbs special double stripe on fuselage only (No fin band). See sketch of tailfin design with suggestion of a registration (US) but no actual registration suggested on the page.

There is also a sketch of top wing insignia with a 30 inch circle, insignia blue with insignia red triangle inside and white star inside that.

N1525V The Babb Co., Inc. Delivered 15-Nov-1951. It seems that there was some admin. failing with the issue if this registration meaning that it was not cancelled from register until 20 Nov-1970.

Note: It was believed Babb were due to deliver three Beavers to Cuba in 1951 possibly c.n 127, and certainly c/n 139 and 164. However there is reference to six Beavers being delivered to Cuba under the Military Assistance Programme in 1957. Three are noted as having c/ns from the 1957 range 1085, 1099 and 1102 but the three others believed the three mentioned above from 1951 are not shown in the reference. Subsequent information from Dan Hagerdorn and John Davis indicate that, from USAF (intelligence) records, only c/n 139 & c/n 164 were involved in the Babb transaction from the 1951 batch.

FAEC-20 Fuerza Aéreo Ejército de Cuba. Unconfirmed serial. Based at Teniente Brihuega (Campo Columbia) Airfield, Havana, Cuba.

FAR-20 Fuerza Aérea Revolucionaria. Change of serial after Jan-1959.

Fate Unknown