CF-PJH at Thunder Bay, Ontario.
Photo: James Shields © c 1968
CF-FHU (2) Of Hudson's Bay Company, with pilot A. R. Snyder.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1950's - via Ray Snyder


CF-FHU (2) • N8645E



• CF-FHU (2) Hudson’s Bay Air Transport Ltd., Flin Flon, MB. Delivered 28-Nov-1949.

Paint shop records show aircraft was painted with Consolidated Blue stripe on fuselage, trimmed with Insignia Red. Same colours on fin, with red letters. Wing registration blue with red trim. Blue band on wing tip area 34" with 1" red trim. Registration letters go all the way to the strut.

Entries preceded by date are extracts from Department of Transport Archives in Ottawa

21-May-1949 DHC advise Department of Transport that owner of Beaver  64 CF-FHU is Hudson’s Bay Company, Winnipeg.

undated application for registration of Beaver msn 64 by Hudson’s Bay Company, Winnipeg.

22-Sep-1949 Test flown for Aircraft Inspection Release Certificate by G.A. Neal.

23-Nov-1949 Certificate of Airworthiness #3199 issued.

23-Nov-1949 Certificate of registration #8416 issued to Hudson’s Bay Company.

• CF-FHU Hudson’s Bay Air Transport Ltd. Flin Flon, MB. Delivered 28-Nov-1949.

Total time since new as recorded in Department of Transport archives

17-Nov-1950   260 hours

03-Nov-1951   534 hours

28-Nov-1952   799 hours

16-Dec-1953   1,292 hours

06-Dec-1956   2,447 hours

05-Nov-1957   2,677 hours

09-Dec-1958   3,028 hours

18-Dec-1959   3,418 hours

15-Dec-1960   3,688 hours

23-Mar-1961   3,759 hours

22-Mar-1961 Bill of Sale; Hudson’s Bay Company to T.W. Talbert, United Barge Company, Minneapolis, MN.

30-Mar-1961 Certificate of Airworthiness For Export #EX-532 issued.

• CF-FHU Cancelled from CCAR. 30-Mar-1961.

• N8645E United Barge Company, Minneapolis, MN. Regd 27-Apr-1961. Canx 05-Jul-1963 on export to Canada.

• CF-PJH Georgian Bay Airways, Parry Sound, ON. Regd 07-Jun-1963

Accident: Kam River Ontario.48°32’N 89°16’W. 20-Jun-1963. At the start of a ferry flight, the pilot, Melville R. Bradley, failed to discontinue a take off after knowingly being in difficulties because of rough water caused by a fast water current and eddies. The pilot while taking off close to the left shore line allowed the current to yaw the aircraft to the left. As a consequence the left wing struck the shore and nosed the aircraft into the bank. The damage to the aircraft was substantial and the pilot received minor injuries.

• CF-PJH Arthur Fecteau / Fecteau Transport Aérien Ltée., Senneterre, QC.

Accident: Port George on Hudson Bay shoreline at 54.50N.79.00W. 04-Sep-1969. The aircraft stalled following a take-off in heavy waves. Reported that the pilot suffered minor injuries as did one of the two passengers the other being uninjured. Aircraft written off.

• CF-PJH Canx by Transport Canada 18-Dec-1969.

Fate Unknown