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c/n 312
51-16526 visiting Amsterdam / Schiphol - EHAM.
Photo: Unknown photographer © c.1950's - Loet Kuipers Collection

c/n 312




51-16526 USAF #1124. L-20A No: 125. Command AF-1. Delivered 11-Jul-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N9751F Details unknown. Canx 17-Mar-1964.

Fate Unknown

USAF History

51-16526 was made available on 01-Jul-1952 and accepted on 03-Jul-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, Ontario after which it was delivered to the Tactical Air Command at Greenville AFB, SC where it was assigned to the 375th Troop Carrier (Medium) Group on 11-Jul-1952 until re allocated some eleven days later on 22-Jul-1952 to the 4th Liaison Squadron after its previous unit was de activated,

In preparation for transportation to Europe it was assigned to the Air Material Command and the 2847th Transportation Control Depot (TPC) Wing at Newark NJ from 12-Dec-1952. It arrived in Germany at Neubiberg and was assigned to Air Force Europe from 23-Jan 1953 being initially allocated to the 86th Fighter Bomber Wing at Neubiberg remaining until 18-Feb-1953. It was then allocated to the 85th Air Depot at Erding until 01-Apr-1953 after which it moved to the 4th Liaison Squadron at Furstenfeldbeck. A year in France, at Chaumont with the 48th Fighter Bomber Wing followed between 07-Nov-1953 and 14-Dec-1953. It then returned to Germany at Landstuhl with the 7030th Headquarters Group until 12-Jun-1954.

Emblem of 48th Fighter Bomber Wing

A move to North Africa now occurred and to Nouasseur Air Base in French Morocco with the Strategic Air Command where it was allocated to the 7280th Maintenance Group until moving to Rabat, also in French Morocco, and the 7221st Headquarters Squadron on 26-Aug-1954. It moved across to the 7221st Support Squadron on the 15-Oct-1954 remaining until 17-Mar-1955.

Continuing its foreign travels its next move was to Greece and the Athenai International Airport, Athens where it was returned to the US Air Force Europe again and attached to the 7206th Air Base Squadron until 12-Jul-1955. Northern Italy now called and a trip for deep maintenance with the Air Material Europe Command. This was at the Macchi operated location in Vergiate (MACVI) where the aircraft stayed until 21-May-1956. It then travelled to Ankara, Turkey where it was attached to the 7217th Air Base Squadron until 01-Jun-1976 under the TUSLOG umbrella (TUSLOG – The US Logistics Group) which was later re-designated as the 7250th Support Squadron until 17-Feb-1959.

A return to Germany followed, to Frankfurt, where the aircraft acted as Liaison with the 6900th Security Wing until 05-Oct-1959 after which it was back to its previous allocation in Ankara for just 5 days until 10-Oct 1959. This move hardly seemed worth the effort as it was then assigned to the Strategic Air Command Overseas at Moron Air Base in Spain where it was allocated to the 3973rd Combat Support Group until 05-May-1961. It is then shown as going to the 3974th Combat Support Group at Zaragoza on this date but curiously is also shown as moving to Ramstein AFB., in Germany and the 7030th Air Base Wing on the same date.

Its further history is to be researched.