N19ZM shows of her new shoes - 35" AKBW's.
Photos: Jonathan Buss © 11 April 2020
N19ZM at 1JY2 - Mahogany Mountain Airstrip, Silver Lake, OR.
Photo: Jonathan Buss © 22 September 2019
N19ZM visits Kelso, Washington.
Photo: Fred Hovestad © 29 May 2018
N7212N visits Millinocket, Maine.
Photos: Jeff Campbell © 26 August 2003
N7212N tied down.
Photo: Laura ©
N7212N when serving the State of Maine.
Photos: Gary Dumond ©
51-16525 in colourful day-glo USAF markings.
Photo: Photographer unknown - MAP © Date unknown - Wayne Mutza Collection
Photo: Photographer unknown © Date unknown


51-16525 • N7212N



51-16525 USAF #1123. L-20A No: 124. Delivered 10-Jul-1952. Command AF-1. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N7212N Maine Fish & Wildlife Department, (Warden Service), Aviation Division. 1970.

N7212N Maine Department of Inland Fisheries, Augusta, ME. Regd May-1972

Airworthiness Date: 07-Jun-1983.

N7212N Eastern Aircraft Sales Inc., Clinton, ME. Regd 20-Feb-1990.

N7212N Falcon Inc., Bangor, ME. On USCAR at-02-Mar-1990.

N7212N Eastern Aircraft Sales Inc., Clinton, ME. On USCAR at 29-Feb-1992.

N7212N Eleanor C. & Laurence R. Smith, Eaton Centre, NH. Regd Jun-1994 & 29-Aug-1996.

Total time 9,875 hours at Sep-2003.

N7212N Eleanor C. Smith Trustee, Eaton Centre, NH. Canx 13-Oct-2006

N7212N Conway Beaver LLC., Lyme, NH. Regd 27-Mar-2007. Expiry date 30-Nov-2013. Re Regd 28-Mar-2014.

N19ZM Beaver Air LLC., Clackamas, OR. Regd 28-Dec-2017.


USAF History

51-16525 was made available on 24-Jun-1952 and accepted on 01-Jul-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, Ontario after which it was delivered to the Tactical Air Command and the 64th Troop Carrier (Medium) Wing at Donaldson AFB, Greenville, SC on 11-Jul-1952 and quickly transferred to the 4th Liaison Squadron at the same location on 22-Jul-1952.

The aircraft was destined for the Air Force Europe Command and therefore passed through Newark NJ, the 2847th Transportation Control Depot (TPC) Wing between the 13-Dec-1952 and embarked by ship to Neubiberg, Germany arriving nominally with the 86th Fighter Bomber Wing on 23rd Jan-1953. As others before it soon passed to the 86th Air Depot Wing at Erding, Germany on 18-Feb and then to the 4th Liaison Squadron at Furstenfeldbruck on 03-Mar-1953. The next location for the aircraft was at Landstuhl, Germany next to Ramstein AFB, where it was attached to the 7030rd Headquarters Support Group from 04-Feb-1954 remaining until 23-Mar-1954.

It then was allocated to Lindsay AFB, Wiesbaden and to the 7110th Support Wing prior moving to Orly Airport, Paris, France where it joined the 7415th Air Base Group which oversaw the arrival in France of high ranking personnel before “chauffeuring” them to other USAF bases in France. It remained until 30-Sep-1955 before passing to the Aermacchi facility at Vergiate in Northern Italy for maintenance work. This seems to have been quite extensive as the stay lasted until 31-Jul-1976 after which it returned to the 7110th Support Wing at Wiesbaden but over the next two years until 08-Aug-1958 was also deployed to Giebelstadt and the 7312nd Air Base Squadron on several occasions.

A period was then spent at Sembach with the 7127th Support Group between 08-Aug-1958 & 04-May-1962 with a limited return to Wiesbaden in Sep-1958 with the 7100th Support Group (Re designated from the 7110th). The last move we currently are aware of prior to further research is to Libya and Wheelus AFB., near to Tripoli where it was attached to the 7272nd Air Base Wing on 07-May-1962.