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HK-1044 "Yitai" of Cessnyca. (Two slides - the sun came out!)
Photo: Unknown photographer © 25 November 1974 - Lenn Bayliss Collection
Photo: Unknown photographer © 25 November 1974 - Aird Archives
N4137B at Oakland, California.
Photo: Willian T. Larkins © 25 July 1953


N1492V • N4137B • N43S • VR-BBG • CP-476 



N1492V Shell Oil. Delivered 13-Jan-1951.

N1492V Pacific Lumber Co. Ltd., San Francisco, CA.

N4137B Pacific Lumber Co. Ltd., San Francisco, CA.*

N43S Shell Aviation Corporation, New York, NY. Regd 12-Nov-1953. Canx 12-Jan-1960.

VR-BBG Bristow Helicopters. Regd Jan-60. Canx Feb-1960.

CP-476 Details Unknown. Regd Feb-1960.

HK-1044 Aero Taxi (Avianca – Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia SA), Bogota, Colombia.

HK-1044 AEROVIAS – Aerovias Comerciales, Aeropuerto Chaparral, Tolima, Colombia.

Note: AEROVIAS could also be AERCO – Aerovias Comerciales

HK-1044 Mario S. Tavina (TAVINA – Transportes Colombiana de Aviacion). Circa Jun-1975.

Accident: 13-Jun-1975 in Columbia. On a non scheduled passenger flight from Turbo to Medellin contact was lost with the aircraft after twenty minutes when it crashed near Turbo. Five occupants received fatal injuries. Aircraft written off.

HK-1044 Cessnyca Colombia, Medellin. Details Unknown.

Written off

* Formerly N1492V. This registration was taken off and put on the Pacific Lumber Companies Aero Commander, and the Commander's registration N4137B was put on the Beaver.