C-FOCZ looking very sad, at Prince Rupert.
Photos: Reece Wilson © 12 September 2022 - Aird Archives
C-FOCZ departs Seal Cove, Prince Rupert.
Photo: Fred Hovestad © 23 June 2016
Photo: Richard Hamblin © 05 May 2012 - Adrian M. Balch Collection
C-FOCZ of North Pacific Seaplanes at Massat.
Photo: Liam Aloni © 29 July 2011
C-FOCZ at Price Rupert.
Photo: Marco Kosterman © 15 September 1999 - Aird Archives
C-FOCZ at Sandspit Airport, Queen Charlotte Islands, BC.
Photo: © Harbour Air Archives
N254BD ready for Hilton Head lease.
Photo: John Kimberley © June 1994 - Aird Archives
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © June 1989
Photo: Lost details...oops...If I find them I'll add later !
C-FOCZ moored on Rowland Lake, at Jellicoe, Ontario.
Photo: Unknown photographer (via Russ Waller) © 10 August 1977 ? - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © 10 August 1977 - Ian MacFarlane Collection





• CF-OCZ Province of Ontario Government, Department of Lands and Forests, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Delivered 13-Apr-1951 and operated until 1967. See note.

Note:-Operated as Ontario Provincial Air Service (OPAS) Water Bomber. Tom Cooke, an OPAS pilot working from Carl Crossley’s original ideas, joined up with George Gill, an OPAS air engineer. They mounted 80 gallon open-top tanks on the Beaver mounted on the front of each float. These roll tanks could be easily filled by simply moving the aircraft rapidly along the surface of the water, in landing or take-off manoeuvres. After dumping, the tanks returned to the filling position for reuse.

Note: Total hours flown in 1954 - 728.20hr.

CF-OCZ Kyro’s (Albany River) Airways, Port Arthur, ON. Operated from 1968. Based at Sault St Marie from 1971 – 1974.

• C-FOCZ Kyro’s (Albany River) Airways, Jellicoe, ON, 1968. Regn format changed prior to 30-Jun-1974. Re-regd 10-Jun-1987. Canx 28-Oct-1987.

• C-FOCZ Harbour Air Ltd., Richmond, BC. Regd 11-Dec-1987 & 31-Jan-1989. Canx 02-Feb-1989 And 13-Apr-1994 on export.

Incident: Sandspit Airport, BC.20-Aug 1993. Amphibious aircraft landed with wheel gear retracted. No injuries and minor damage to aircraft.. CADORS report 1993P0313.

• N254BD Harbour Tours Ltd., Hilton Head Island, SC. Leased from Harbour Air. Regd 21-Apr-1994. De regd 31-Aug-1994

• C-FOCZ Harbour Air Ltd., Richmond, BC. Returned from lease. Regd 08-Aug-1995 & 16-Aug-1995. Canx 13-Jan-2004.

• C-FOCZ North Pacific Seaplanes Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 13-Jan-2004. Canx 23-Apr-2013.

• C-FOCZ Inland Air Charters Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 23-Apr-2013.

Note: Not operational, at Prince Rupert, reported being used for parts, Sep-2022.

tt 29,300 hours Sep-2022.



Note: Last two photos have the same date - unless plane has different markings on each slide,

one date must be wrong.