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c/n 229
51-16782 in Laotian markings.
Photo: Unknown photographer © via Internet

c/n 229




51-16782 US Army #1047. L-20A No: 48. Command A-28. Accepted 21-Mar-1952. Delivered 09-Apr-1952.

51-16782 Transferred to the USAF and the 6408th Air Depot at Kisarazu, Japan on 13-Mar-1955.

16782 To L’Armée de Terre (ALAT) in Indo China 29-Mar-1955.

16782 Aviation Laotienne. 1958.

16782 Kong Le Air Arm Aug-1960. Taken over by Kong Le during his attempted Coup d’état in August 1960.

16782 Royal Lao Air Force. Circa 1960. wfu 1963.

16782 Air Force of the People's Liberation Army. Formed in 1975.

Fate unknown

Following independence from France in 1949 the Armée Nationale Laotienne, ANL was created. The Aviation Laotienne, that was officially formed on January 28, 1955 effectively superseded the ANL when AL was renamed Royal Lao Air Force, RLAF in August 1960. Between 1964 and 1970, nearly 300 aircraft and helicopters were supplied to the RLAF by the USA and also civilian airlines like Air America entered the scene.

In October 1965 the communist guerrillas had established the Lao People's Liberation Army who except for some training and transport aircraft did not use many aircraft. In accordance with the Paris peace agreement of 1973 many RLAF aircraft were disposed of (to the Philippines and Thailand).