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c/n 661

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c/n 661




53-2845 US Army #1394. L-20 No. 395. Command A-4. Delivered 15-Apr-1954. Built as L-20A.

Note: Arrived at Bangkok in crates on 15-Feb-1962, to be operated under the Madriver Contract AF62(531)-1674, based at Vientiane, but maintained at Udorn (Minutes ExCom-AACL of 23-Jan-1962, in: UTD/CIA/B7F1); assembled by Thai Airways according to contract no. BKK 62-001 (Memorandum dated 09-Feb-1962, in: UTD /Fink/ B2F16); officially received at Bangkok on 01-Mar-1962 (Aircraft list of Jun-1962, corrected to Sep-1963, in: UTD / Kirkpatrick / B1F1).

L-207 Air America, Vientiane, Laos. 01-Mar-1962 – 06-Apr-1962. Operating for USAF 1131 Spec Activity Sq (MAAG Lao).

Accident: Near Sam Thong (LS-20), Laos, at Xieng Dat (LS-26). 06-Apr-1962. Crashed in a takeoff accident resulting from an insufficient runway. The aircraft was too heavy, hit a tree stump at the right side of the runway on take-off roll, cartwheeled, burst into flames and killed all on board, the pilots (William H. Beale Jr., and George A. Varney) and 2 MAAG soldiers.

Fate Unknown