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c/n 470




52-6098 USAF #1260. L-20 No: 261. Command AF-3. Delivered 17-Mar-1953. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

• 52-6098 Stored at MASDC Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. Arrived 03-Mar-1965 and departed 21-Sep-1965.

• 52-6098 Rhode Island ANG from 21-Sep-1965.

• 52-6098 Reported as struck off charge from USAF inventory on 15-Mar-1974 (But see below).

• N5141G Civil Air Patrol, Maxwell AFB., Montgomery, AL. Regd 19-Oct-1970.

Accident: 16-Mar-1974, Willow AK. Forced landing in snow covered swamp following partial loss of power caused by power levers becoming disconnected. Aircraft nosed over and was substantially damaged. Pilot and five passengers uninjured. ANC74DAG94

Accident: Palmer, AK. 08-Jun-1976. Controlled flight into ground when unable to out climb mountain ridge. Aircraft destroyed. Pilot and passenger seriously injured and one passenger killed. ANC76AA095

• N5141G Canx 29-Sep-1976. Removed from register 12-Oct-2011.


USAF History

52-6098 was made available on 20-Feb-1953 to the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit) unit of the USAF at Downsview, ON., and accepted on 09-Mar-1953. It was assigned to the Tactical Air Force on 17-Mar-1953 and delivered to the 2nd Liaison Squadron at Shaw AFB., and then on 03-Jun-1954 it passed over to the 363rd Reconnaissance Training (RCT) Wing, a component of the 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. Although it returned to Downsview between 09-Mar-1955 and 29-Apr-1955 it effectively remained with the 363rd until 06-Aug-1958 before passing to the 837th Air Base Group, a component of the 837th Air Defence organisation.

Emblem of 837th Air Defence

Its next move was to the 4435th Air Base Group at Seymour Johnston AFB., NC., possibly during 1959 but the record card is unclear but the next attachment is still at Seymour Johnston with the 4th Tactical Fighter Wing on 01-Jul-1960. This was only until 18-Sep-1960 as it then moved to Cannon AFB., NM., where it initially joined the 832nd Air Base Group and then the 27th Tactical Fighter Wing where it remained until 27-Nov-1962.

It was now re-assigned to Logistics Command and the Fairchild Aircraft Company Facility at St Augustines, FL., between 16-Nov-1962 and 27-Mar-1963. There was then a further re assignment when the aircraft went to the Strategic Air Command with the 6th Strategic Aerospace Wing at Walker AFB.,. It later entered storage at MASDC at Davis Monthan AFB., AZ., between 03-Mar-1965 and 21-Sep-1965 when it passed to the Rhode Island ANG.

Its further USAF history is to be researched but it is reported as being struck off charge from the USAF inventory on 15-Mar-1974 having been stored at Warner Robins AFB., but it is also shown as being with the Civil Air Patrol from Oct-1970.