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c/n 349

51-16549 in super plain garb.
Photo: Unknown photographer (CFAP2772) © Wayne Mutza Collection/Aird Archives

c/n 349




Note: Out of paint shop 19-Aug-1952.

51-16549 USAF #1158. L-20A No: 159. Command AF-1. Delivered 04-Sep-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

51-16549 Stored at MASDC, Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. Arrival date unknown but departed 26-Apl-1966.

51-16549 Passed to the Fairchild Aircraft and Engine facility at St. Augustine, FL. Apl-1966.

51-16549 Served with the USAF 606th Air Commando Squadron, Nakhan Phanom, Royal Thai AFB Thailand. Circa 1967.

N6854D USAF Flying Club, Lincoln AFB., NE.

Fate unknown

USAF History

51-16549 was made available on 19-Aug-1952 and accepted on 27-Aug-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, Ontario. It spent all its active service live in Mainland USA and was initially delivered to the Tactical Air Command at Sewart AFB, NY where it was attached to the 314th Medium Troop Carrier (TCM) Wing on 05-Sep-1952 passing almost immediately to the 5th Liaison Squadron on the 8th of the month. It remained until 20-Jan-1953. Next recorded is a three day attachment to the Air Materiel Command at Brookley AFB, Mobile, TX with the Mobile Air Materiel Area (MOBAR) returning to the 5th Liaison Sqd. It stayed at Sewart and rejoined the 314th Medium Troop Carrier (TCM) Wing on 10-Mar-1953. On 21-Apr-1953 it is shown as having travelled back to the DHC facility at Downsview, Toronto, for maintenance where it remained until 02-Jun-1955.

Back to active service it returned to Sewart and the 314th until 03-Jan-1956 after which a change of location called and it moved to Pope AFB, NC and was attached to the 464th Medium Troop Carrier (TCM) Wing. The next stop for the aircraft was at Langley AFB, and the 4405th Operations Squadron remaining for some four months until 26-Dec-1956. A move back to Pope and the 464th TCM Wing followed and lasted until 12-Feb-1957 when it went to Bolling AFB, Washington DC where it was assigned to the Headquarters Command and the 1100th Operations Group and later the 1100th Maintenance Support Group through to the 27-Jun- 1957. A further return to the 464th TCM Wing at Pope AFB was on the menu now but only until 17-Jul-1957 as the aircraft next passed again to Langley AFB but this time to the 405th Fighter Bomber Wing  until 08-Oct-1957 and then to the 836th Air Base Group up until 19-Mar-1960.

There was now an assignment to the Strategic Air Command with the aircraft going to McConnell AFB, KS where it was attached to the 4347th Combat Crew Training Wing until 01-Mar-1961. A short period of inactivity now followed as it passed to Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona, the Air Material Command and the 2704th Aircraft Storage and Disposition Group.

Emblem of 4347th Combat Crew Training Wing

Next was to Griffiss AFB, near Rome, NY and an attachment to the Rome Air Depot. This was from 05-May-1961 until an undisclosed date but the aircraft was next recorded with the SAC at Lincoln AFB where it was with the 307th Medium Bombardment (BM) Wing. This lasted until 13-Nov-1962 after which it attended the Fairchild Aircraft Company Facility at Hagerstown, MD. It was subsequently stored again at MASDC, Davis Monthan AFB, AZ. Its arrival date is unknown but it departed 26-Apl-1966 when it passed to the Fairchild Aircraft and Engine facility at St. Augustine, FL. Apl-1966 after which it returned to active service with the USAF 606th Air Commando Squadron, Nakhan Phanom, Royal Thai AFB Thailand. Circa 1967.

The further military history of this aircraft is yet to be researched.