G-DHCZ at Old Buckenham - EGSV.
Photo: John Allan © 30 July 2022 - Aird Archives
G-DHCZ on a visit to White Waltham - EGLM.
Photos: Fred Barnes © 28 October 2020 - Aird Archives
G-DHCZ hangs out with a chum.
Photos: Tony Clarke © 25 April 2018
G-DHCZ back to normal, at Duxford.
Photos: Tony Clarke © 07 September 2017
Photo: Fred Barnes © 07 September 2017
G-DHCZ gets a film role.
Photos: Tony Clarke © 01 June 2013
G-DHCZ up close.
Photos: Stuart Martindale © 29 September 2011
G-DHCZ takes to the air again!
Photos: Tony Clarke © 22 February 2011
G-DHCZ f/f soon?
Photos: Tony Clarke © 08 February 2011
G-DHCZ the fine work continues.
Photo: Anon © 10 December 2010
Photo: Anon © 12 November 2009
XP772 wingless wonder at Duxford.
Photo: Ian Wilson © June 2003
XP772 at Middle Wallop.
Photo: Adrian M. Balch © 31 July 1968 - Aird Archives
XP772 at Biggin Hill.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 04 May 1963 - Aird Archives


XP772 • G-BUCJ • XP772



• de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield. Delivered Delivered to Hawarden via Liverpool Docks 30-Sep-1960.

XP772 Army Air Corps (AAC). First flight 11-Jan-1961.

AAC Centre Advance Fixed Wing Flight as an instructional aircraft. 13-Feb-1961.

Accident: Middle Wallop 02-May-1968. Category 2 accident. Crashed into hedge.

Reported as 16 Maintenance Unit to 70 Aircraft Workshop 01-Jul-1969.

19 Maintenance Unit. St Athan, South Glamorgan. 09-Oct-1969.

5 MU RAF Kemble, Gloucestershire, 04-Nov-1969.

132 Flight, Royal Corp of Transport, 667 Aviation Squadron, Old Sarum, Wiltshire. 05-Dec-1969.

Re named 132 Aviation Flight. 16-Jan-1970 and operated from Netheravon, Wiltshire from 21-Sep-1970.

15 Avn. Flight, 667 Aviation Squadron, Topcliffe, Yorkshire. Date unknown.

667 Sqd. Topcliffe re-titled 7 Avn. Regt. Jun-1971.

Re titled 15 Flt AAC 7. Regt AAC 01-Jan-1973.

Flew 168 hrs in the Sudan Jan-Mar-1974 on ex MIRZA (WO1 P. Russell AAC).

Note: Designated Cat 3 damage at disbandment of 15 Flight 03-May1974  and later Cat 5 on 05-Nov-1974 to become a ground instructional airframe.

667Sqd, 6B Flight, Netheravon, Wiltshire in 1975.

Note: In Army Museum store pending display, 1980.

Museum of Army Transport, Beverley, Yorkshire. Apr-1983. On loan from Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop, Hampshire. Returned to Middle Wallop. Early 1992.

G-BUCJ M. Somerton-Rayner / D G V Morley, Regd 23-Mar-1992. Registration not carried. (Army Historic Aircraft Flight Reserve Collection).

XP772 Historic Aircraft Flight Reserve Collection, Middle Wallop, Hampshire, UK. On display at Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK.

G-DHCZ Aircraft Restoration Company, (t/a Propshop Ltd) Duxford Airfield, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK. Regd 02-Mar-2006. First flight after restoration 22-Feb-2011.