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c/n 566
6-9705 fading away at Tehran.
Photo: Robbie Shaw © 24 November 2014
6-9705 a few years later.
Photos: Michael Prophet © 14 February 2008
6-9705 on display after recent repaint.
Photo: Christian Waser © 03 February 2006
6-9705 in her old colours.
Photo: Jurgen Scherbarth © October 2002 - Aird Archives

c/n 566



53-7784 CCC (USA). Built as L-20B.

Note: Paint shop records show  - Out of paint shop 16-Sep-1953 with serial 53-7783 painted on cowl. This serial does not agree with the contiguous serial format shown in our and other records. 

Note: Delivered to Iran via the (CCC) Canadian Commercial Corporation USA and the American MDAP

6-9705 Islamic Republic of Iran Air Arm. Delivered 13-Nov-1953.

Note: Also quoted as 6-9706 but based on a sequential numbering system should be 6-9705. See also note below.

“6-9701” IIAF Museum The Aerospace Exhibition Centre, Tehran-Omarabad Airport, NW side on Tehran - Kara Highway.

Note: Complete and on display at the Iranian Aerospace Exhibition Center on the North-western boundary of Teheran-Mehrabad Airport in March 1997. Painted in Green/Brown camouflage. The plate in the cockpit showed 53-7784. However painted on instrument panel was 6-9701. The Museum Curator said “that many of the aircraft were destroyed / or damaged during the revolution and most of the aircraft here have had the interior/instrument panels ripped out” which may account for any confusion regarding the provenance of the aircraft.

Subsequently seen by Robbie Shaw as recently as Nov-2014 gradually fading away.