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c/n 893

CF-IOB (2)


Note: de Havilland paint shop record: Left paint shop 23-Feb-1956. Overall painted grey, with wing tips and elevator tips painted red. Red stripe around cowling and down fuselage with white and blue trim lines. Registration on wing in red with white and blue trim; registration on fin white. No mention of trim.

25-Jan-1956 Internal memo notes that the the markings CF-IOB may be re-allotted to Imperial Oil for another Beaver aircraft.

30-Jan-1956 internal memo confirms msn 69 previously cancelled and marks may be re-allotted to msn Beaver 893.

13-Mar-1956 Certificate of Airworthiness #4687 issued.

14-Mar-1956 Certificate of Registration #16218 issued to Imperial Oil Ltd., Toronto, ON. (to be based Regina SK)

CF-IOB (2) Imperial Oil Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, ON. Delivered 15-Mar-1956.

30-May-1958 Bill of Sale; Imperial Oil Ltd to Home Oil (Alberta) Ltd. $45,000.

06-Jun-1958 Application to register by Home Oil (Alberta) Ltd., Calgary, AB

03-Jul-1958 Bill of Sale.

11-Jul-1958 Certificate of Registration #17805 issued to Home Oil (Alberta) Ltd. Calgary,  AB.

CF-IOB (2) Home Oil (Alberta) Ltd., Calgary, AB. Regd 11-Jul-1958

Jan-1960 repainted; White, Platinum Grey, Gothic Gold Metallic, Ness Green Metallic.

14-Jun-1965 Bill of Sale; Home Oil to Hamilton Aviation Ltd.

15-Jun-1965 application to register by Northern Mountain Airlines Ltd., Prince George, BC.

• CF-IOB (2) Hamilton Aviation Ltd., Edmonton, AB. Regd 14-Jun-1965.

15-Jul-1965 Bill of Sale; Hamilton Aviation Ltd., to Northern Mountain Airlines Ltd.

15-Jul-1965 Certificate of Registration #35816 issued to Northern Mountain Airlines Ltd., Prince George, BC.

• CF-IOB (2) Northern Mountain Airlines Ltd., Prince George, British Columbia.. Regd15-Jul-1965.

Accident: Tathlina Lake (60.27N/117.21W). 21-Nov-1965. Aircraft flew into frozen surface of lake attempting a landing in whiteout conditions en route Nahanni Butte to Hay River. Robert Rene Gauchie and two passengers uninjured.

Apr-1966 Repainted by Vancouver Aero Services Ltd.

Incident: Samandre-Lake, NT. 02-Feb-1967. While lost in blizzard conditions en route Cambridge Bay to Yellowknife landed low on fuel south of Contwoyto Lake NT. A large aerial search was abandoned on 15-Feb-1967.The pilot, Robert Gauchie was found alive on 01-Apr-1967, having lived on 80 pounds of Arctic Char that was on board. Gauchie’s remarkable story has been told several times, there is a summary with pictures in Wings Above The Arctic (McAllister). The aircraft was flown out on 01-Apr-1967.

Accident: Near Little Dahl Lake, Northwest Territories, 126˚ 25’W.62˚ 37’. Nov-1967. Crashed on take off in a storm. Pilot and four passengers killed. Some wreckage left on site. DOT report#3633

Accident: 90 mi. WSW of Wrigley, NT. About 1655PST. 30-Sep-/01-Oct-1967. The take off point for the flight was not conclusively determined. It is considered however that the departure was made from Little Dal Lake, NT at Lat 62.42N, Long 126.40W. for a flight to Fort Simpson NT. The occupants were the pilot and four passengers. The aircraft was considered overdue on 02-Oct-1967 and after a short search was fond the next day. The accident at about the 5,000ft level of a narrow east/west valley. Where the mountains in the area rising to 8000ft. The valley has steep sloping sides and there is a fast flowing creek on the valley floor. \the wreckage was found on an outcrop of rock and shale on the south slope of the valley and the valley width at that point was about a third of a mile. The valley floor was about 700ft below the accident site. Pilot and four passengers sustained fatal injuries. Aircraft destroyed.

Note: Set of wings to CF-FHX (c/n 60) in 1967.

10- Feb-1969 Insurance adjuster advises Department of Transport that wreckage sold as-is, where-is to O.J. Wieben, Fort William, ON.

Total hours since new as recorded in Canadian Department of Transport archives.

13-Feb-1957 - 432 hours

07-Mar-1958 - 782 hours

02-Mar-1959 - 1,458 hours

13-Jun-1960 - 2,637 hours

01-Jun-1961 - 3,118 hours

05-Jun-1962 - 3,518 hours

04-Jun-1963 - 3,923 hours

04-Jun-1964 - 4,378 hours

02-Jun-1965 - 4,779 hours

12-May-1966 - 5,084 hours

08-May-1967 - 5,626 hours

• CF-IOB (2) 01-Mar-1969 Cancelled on CCAR.