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CF-JKG of ATHABASKA AIRWAYS at Buffalo Narrows,
Photo: Mark Reigert © 1974 via Kyle Cameron
CF-JKG at Cree Lake, Saskatchewan.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1971 - via John Shindelka
CF-JKG at La Ronge, Saskatchewan.
Photo: Doug Chisholm © c.1960




Entries preceded by date are extracts from Department of Transport records at Archive Canada.

12-Oct-1956 Allotment of Registration CF-JKG, DHC-2 s/n 1002, de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd

26-Nov-1956 Application for Certificate of Registration by Sioux Narrows Airways Ltd

29-Nov-1956 Certificate of Airworthiness #5857 issued

04-Dec-1956 Certificate of Registration #18018 issued to Sioux Narrows Airways Ltd, Sioux Narrows ON

• CF-JKG Sioux Narrows Airways Ltd., Sioux Narrows, ON. Delivered 28-Nov-1956. Regd 04-Dec-1956

Accident: Un named location. Lat 55°15’N Long 101°10’W. 08-Feb-1957. It is believed that the aircraft being equipped with wheel/ski kit may have been a contributing factor due to the wheels cutting into the snow. The tail ski also dug in and folded back, prying the shock leg brace strut off the fuselage and damaged the tail end of the fuselage structure. The substantial damage suffered included tail shock fittings pulled out. Tail bulkheads and braces broken, bent or twisted. Stabiliser spar bent. Tail cone crumpled beyond repair.

01-Dec-1958 Lease Agreement; Sioux Narrows Airways Ltd to Taylor Airways Ltd., 23-Dec-1958 until break up Spring 1959.

• CF-JKG  Leased to Taylor Airways Ltd, 23-Dec-1958

08-Nov-1961 Bill of Sale; Sioux Narrows Airways Ltd., to Athabaska Airways Ltd., $30,000.

28-Dec-1961 Certificate of Registration #27619 issued to Athabaska Airways Ltd., Prince Albert, SK.

03-Jan-1962 Application for Certificate of Registration by Athabaska Airways Ltd., Prince Albert, SK. (but note certificate issued 28-Dec-1961).

• CF-JKG Athabaska Airways Ltd., Prince Albert, SK. Regd Dec-1958.

Accident: Knee Lake, 55°51’N/107°00’W SK. 03-Oct-1977. Found crashed. Pilot Ronald Brock sustained fatal injuries.

• CF-JKG Cancelled CCAR 16-Jan-1978.

Total hours since new as recorded on Department of Transport files at Archive Canada

14-Apr-1958   578 hours

12-Apr-1959   941 hours

12-Dec-1959   1,290 hours

28-Nov-1960   1,730 hours

04-Jan-1962   2,146 hours

31-Dec-1962   2,469 hours

16-Dec-1963   2,688 hours

30-Dec-1964   2,994 hours

20-Dec-1965   3,444 hours

12-Dec-1966   4,076 hours

04-Dec-1967   5,027 hours

29-Nov-1968   5,867 hours

27-Nov-1969   6,843 hours

26-Nov-1970   7,588 hours

08-Nov-1971   8,233 hours

24-Nov-1972   9,014 hours

10-Oct-1973   9,733 hours

24-Oct-1974   10,716 hours

17-Nov-1975   11,585 hours

12-Oct-1976   12,404 hours

• Fate Unknown •


In 1971 I worked as a laborer at Crystal Lodge / Cree Lake with two of my friends ( youngest brother came for only 3 days). We are related to the guy who built the camp for a fellow in Thorsby, Alberta. As each of my friends slowly departed home on what ever flight they could hitch hike on. Brother Chris and I were the last to leave. One day this Beaver landed. The pilot stopped to deliver an item. A mere 5 minutes later and some fast packing we were on our way south. Being only 16 and quite naive, I assumed we were being taken care of and all the travel plans were cut and dried ?

We landed in La Ronge late in the day (Thursday) expecting someone to pick us up and drive us home. No one was there. I hadn't been paid yet , we had no money, all I had was a pack of smokes and a young sibling in my care. We knew no one, we were either too shy or too proud to NOT ask for help. We spent the night under some trees beside the lake. The next morning one of the pilots was surprised to see us still hanging around and wondered why we were still there? He said a young guy across the street at the Hudsons Bay store was going to be driving to Prince Albert after work that day and he was going to ask if we could hitch a ride there with him. The fellow was a grocery packer and to this day I still remember his muscular arms on such a skinny frame. The office worker was really accommodating and let us hang around the float base for the day. He let us fill ourselves with coffee. We had no money to eat with, but I had a pack of smokes!.

The old car that the guy had a leaky seal in the trunk and all the road dust filtered in to the back seat where we were huddled. We arrived in PA around midnite and the guy dropped us off at the Greyhound Bus Depot. The ticket agent obviously "wise" to the situation called my Mom in Saskatoon collect to let her know we were stranded in PA without money. In about one hour my brother in law Ed arrived from Saskatoon to find us waiting.

It was sure good to finally be home after that adventure I must say! The normal driving time was about 3 hours round trip. Ed did it in 2 hours. My mom was pretty upset at the guy who plunked us on the Beaver with knowing all the facts.

John Shindelka.