C-GNKR at Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec.
Photo: Pierre Gillard © 20 April 2018 - Aird Archives
C-GNKR at Marina Venise, Montréal, Québec.
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C-GNKR at St- Mathais, Québec.
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C-GNKR at CSU3 - St-Hyacinthe, Québec.
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C-GNKR at CSP5 - St-Mathias, Québec.
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C-GNKR I have a walk around at CSU3.
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C-GNKR at Marina Venise, Laval, Québec.
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C-GNKR at St-Mathias, Québec.
Photo: Mike Ody © 04 July 1989 - Aird Archives
51-16538 gets a lift from 54-2885 Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw.
Photo: U.S. Army © Date unknown - Aird Archives


51-16538 • N5698C



51-16538 USAF #1141. L-20A No: 142. Command AF-1. Delivered 01-Aug-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N5698C Lee Hoffecker, dba Hoffecker Flying, West Germany. Regd 17-Jul-1973. Canx 03-Apr-1975

C-GNKR Imported Jun-1975.

C-GNKR Rogersons Enterprises, Port Loring, ON. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 20-May-1975. Canx prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 20-May-1979.

C-GNKR Dave Gronfors, (Air Muskoka), Gravenhurst, Huntsville, ON. On CCAR at May-1981. Canx 24-Jun-1987.

C-GNKR Gilbert Aviation Inc., Laval, QC. Regd 22-Oct-1987. Canx 06-Jun-1988.

C-GNKR Pourvoire Rivière la Galette, Coteau-Station, QC. Regd 01-Jun-1988. Canx 02-Aug-1991.

C-GNKR Aviamax Inc., Beloeil, QC. Regd 02-Aug-1991. Canx 14-Aug-1991.

C-GNKR Excavation J. Baillargeon Inc., Boucherville, QC. Regd 21-Oct-1991. Canx 25-Jan-1996.

C-GNKR Helibec Inc., La Tuque, QC. Regd 25-Jan-1996. Canx 01-Jun-2000. Regd 01-Jun-2000.

C-GNKR Nordplus 1998 Ltée., Québec, QC. Regd & canx 15-Feb-2002 & regd again 26-Aug-2003. Canx 04-Jun-2004.

C-GNKR Air Tunilik Inc., Montréal, QC. Regd 04-Jun-2004, 08-Jun-2005 & 01-Apr-2009. Canx at a Laval, QC., address 17-Oct-2014.

C-GNKR Les Enterprises Cloutier & Gagnon Ltée., Montréal, QC • Regd 06-Nov-2014. Canx 01-Mar-2021.

C-GNKR 9418-9297 Québec Inc., Fermont, QC. Regd 01-Mar-2021. Canx 01-Mar-2021.

Note: tt12,285.2 hours (Oct-2019). For Sale $279,000.

Photo: www - unknown photographer © 2019

C-GNKR Aviation Joavil Inc., Cantley, QC. Regd 12-Dec-2023. Based Lac Simon, QC.


USAF History

51-16538 was made available on 18-Jul-1952 and accepted on 25-Jul-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, Ontario after which it was delivered to the Tactical Air Command at Donaldson AFB, Greenville, SC where it was assigned to the to the 4th Liaison Squadron on 01/02-Aug-1952.

In preparation for transportation to Europe it was assigned to the Air Material Command and the 2847th Transportation Control Depot (TPC) Wing at Newark NJ from 13-Dec-1952. It arrived in Germany at Neubiberg and was assigned to Air Force Europe from 23-Jan 1953 being initially allocated to the 86th Fighter Bomber Wing at Neubiberg remaining until 18-Feb-1953. It was then allocated to the 85th Air Depot Wing at Erding remaining until 03-Mar-1952 after which it passed to the 4th Liaison Squadron at Fürstenfeldbruck until 04-Jun-1954. It was then allocated to the 7030th Headquarters Squadron at Landstuhl remaining until 15-Oct-1954. This unit was re designated as 7030th Support Wing on 15-Oct-1954 and, staying at Landstuhl, the aircraft transferred to the 86th Fighter Interceptor Wing on 01-Nov-1954 and remained until 06-Jul-1955.

Emblem of 7030th Support Wing

A period of maintenance was now called for at the Aermacchi facility at Vergiate in Northern Italy where it remained until 24-Apr-1956. It returned to active service back at Landstuhl with the 86th Fighter Interceptor Wing until 12-Jul-1956. A couple of months with the 48th Fighter Bomber Wing at Chaumont-Semoutiers ensued lasting until 05-Sep-1956 followed by a couple of days at Etain Bouvres with the 388th Fighter Bomber Wing. A return to Landstuhl was the next location on the programme, again with the 86th Fighter Interceptor Wing. It remained until 01-Dec-1956 and then returned to Etain -Rosièrs for 17 days until 17-Dec and returned again to Landstuhl, this time for a substantial period, lasting until 06-Jan-1958. Another lengthy stay followed with an attachment to the 7030th Support Wing at Ramstein. This saw it remain in Germany until 11-Mar-1960.

After this it was assigned to the Strategic Air Command and joined the 3974th Combat Support Group at Zaragoza in Spain until 09-May-1961 when it returned to the Air Force Europe Command at Wiesbaden and the 7101st Air Base Wing.

The aircraft’s further USAF history is still to be researched.