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CF-FHH on a dolly at Downsview in 1948.
Photo: de Havilland Canada - Bombardier © 14 October 1948 (DHC negative 208)





The entries precededby a date are extracts from the Department of Transport archives.

14-Oct-1948 application for registration by John Frederick MacKellar, Fort Frances, ON (private category).

15-Oct-1948 Test flown for Aeroplane Inspection Release Certificate by G. A. Neal.

19-Oct-1948 DHC advise Department of Transport that owner of Beaver CF-FHH c/n 22 is J. F. MacKellar

19-Oct-1948 Certificate of Airworthiness #2946 issued.

19-Oct-1948 Certificate of Registration #7650 issued to J. F. MacKellar, Fort Frances,ON.

• CF-FHH J. F. MacKellar, Fort Frances, ON. Regd 19-Oct 1948. Delivered 19-Oct-1948.

Note: Only direct note of J. F. MacKellar is having been a well known Curler at Fort Frances, but MacKellar was Resident Manager of the Ontario-Minnesota Pulp & Paper Company Ltd., at Fort Frances, ON.

15-Dec-1960 Application for registration by The Ontario-Minnesota Pulp & Paper Company Ltd., Fort Frances, ON.

19-Jan-1961 Certificate of Registration #23981 issued to Ontario-Minnesota Pulp & Paper Company.

• CF-FHH The Ontario Minnesota Pulp & Paper Co., Fort Frances, ON. Regd 19-Jan-1961. Canx between Mar 1968 and Mar-1969.

Note: The paper mill at Fort Frances opened began operations in 1914 and closed in 2014.

• CF-FHH de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd. Actual regd date unknown.

16-Jul-1968 Bill of Sale; de Havilland Aircraft of Canada to Bannock Aerospace Ltd., Toronto, ON.

• CF-FHH Bannock Aerospace, Toronto, ON.. Canx Jul 1968.

26-Jul-1968 Bill of Sale; Bannock Aerospace Ltd to Hi-Shear Corporation, Torrance CA.

• CF-FHH Cancelled CCAR. 30-Jul-1968.

Total time as recorded at Departmert of Transport archives.

20-Aug-1950    837 hours.

20-Aug-1951   1,396 hours.

27-Aug-1953   2,388 hours.

05-Jun-1957   4,456 hours.

16-Apr-1958   4,786 hours.

04-May-1959   5,330 hours.

09-May-1960   5,837 hours.

01-May-1961   6,325 hours.

04-May-1962   6,857 hours.

30-Apr-1963   7,313 hours.

05-May-1964   7,864 hours.

10-May-1965   8,234 hours.

05-May-1966   8,551 hours.

03-May-1967   8,957 hours.

06-May-1968   9,449 hours.

• N4766 Hi Shear Corporation, Torrance, CA. Regd 29-Jul-1968.

Accident: Prince O’Wales, AK. 30-Dec-1974. The float-equipped aircraft had partial power failure during landing rollout causing left wing to hit sandbar in river. Substantial damage to aircraft. Pilot uninjured. ANC75AA049.

• N4766 Jack R. Swaim, Ketchikan, AK. Regd 29-Apr-1975. Canx 09-May.1975.

Note Apparently sold to the US without the required Certificate of Airworthiness For Export and there are notes on the file about the problems that the lack of a certificate presented for Robert Munro of Kenmore Air Harbor when he came to license it in the US the following November.

• N4766 Reported as stored at Kenmore Air Harbor Inc., Kenmore, WA. Nov-1975.

Note. Fuselage noted stored at Kenmore Air Harbor, Kenmore, WA. Aug 1990. Noted again at Kenmore in same state, Sep-1995, no change in status.

Noted several years later, circa 1998 this time outside Al Beaulieu’s hangar (Pacific Aircraft Salvage) at Vancouver, BC. Went to Dave Younger, Surrey, BC. Next port of call was Sealand Aviation, Campbell River, for a civic project.

Remains used in construction of "CF-GBV" replica by Sealand Aviation, Campbell River, completed October 2021

Photo: Dirk Septer © 19 July 2014x