C-FOCC at CZUC - Ignace, Ontario.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 11 March 2024 - Aird Archives
C-FOCC by Lake Superior, at Thunder Bay, Ontario.
Photos: John Henderson © 14 May 2023 - Aird Archives
C-FOCC at Eva Lake.
Photos: Michel Leonard & Marcel Fluet-Lecerf © 09 July 2009 - Aird Archives
C-FOCC at Shebandowan Lake, Ontario.
Photo: Neil Aird © 12 July 1995
C-FOCC at Ignace, out of the water.
Photo: Ruben Husberg © 16 April 1994 - Aird Archives
CF-OCC at Beaverhouse Lake, Ontario.
Photo: Ian White © July 1972 - Aird Archives
CF-OCC at Crane Lake, Ontario.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 03 July 1971 - Nevlle Worsley Collection - Aird Archives





• CF-OCC Province of Ontario Government, Department of Lands and Forests, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Delivered 23-Oct-1948. Operated 1948-1964.

• CF-OCC Lac la Croix Quetico Air Services Ltd., Lac La Croix, ON. Circa 1967 - until at least after C of A issued up to 29-Apr-1979. Permit valid to 29-Apr-1981 at Crane Lake MN, USA.

Accident: Lac La Croix, ON. 20-Sep-1980. Crashed on landing on rocky shoreline. Substantial damage.

• C-FOCC George R. & Janet Golder, Nakina, ON. Regd circa 1983 Canx 16-Dec-1985.

Apparent Gap

• C-FOCC Shebandowan Air Ltd., Thunder Bay, ON. Regd 28-Jun-1990 & 18-Aug-1992. Canx 28-Aug-1996.

• C-FOCC Ignace Airways (1996) Ltd., Ignace, ON. Regd. 08-Feb-1999. Canx 15-Jul-1999.

• C-FOCC Sapawe Air Ltd., Atikokan, ON. Regd 15-Jul-1999. Based Eva Lake, ON. Canx 07-Jan-2010. Regd 16-Apr-2010.