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CF-ITE of J. C. Sproule at Calgary - CYYC, Alberta.
Photo: Bruce W. Gowans © Autumn 1965 - Aird Archives
CF-ITE at Resolute.
Photo: Bill Stadnyk © c 1963-1964




CF-ITE Trethewey Logging Co. Delivered 10-Feb-1956.

Note: Trethewey Logging Co was owned by the Trethewey family and was the forerunner of Abbottsford Lumber.

CF-ITE Cascade Air Service Ltd., Chilliwack, BC.

CF-ITE Sproule Projects Ltd.., (J C Sproule). Circa 1963-64

Note: Sproule Projects was a company involved in oil exploration in the far north of Canada.

Accident: Devon Island NT, 76°50’M 96°40’W. 16-Jul-1963. The aircraft was lifted off the ground at the end of the take off run with insufficient speed to maintain a downwind take off and settled onto soft ground and overturned. Take off would likely have been successful if it had not been for a brake malfunction binding on the brake cylinders. One passenger suffered minor injuries and the aircraft suffered substantial damage.

CF-ITE Northward Aviation Ltd., Edmonton, AB, Circa 1966-67.

Incident: Edmonton, Alberta. 26-Feb-1967. Aircraft destroyed when Hangar #8 at Edmonton Municipal Airport burned.

Destroyed by Fire