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CF-ITW at Nestor Falls, Ontario.
Photo: William Haines © 03 August 1979 - Aird Archives
Photo: Chuck Stewart © July 1978 - Aird Archives
Photos: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Northwest Flying Collection
CF-ITW at Kenora, Ontario.
Photo: Robert S. Grant © March 1978 or 1979 - Aird Archves




CF-ITW Sioux Narrows Airways Ltd., Sioux Narrows, ON. Delivered 09-May-1956.

CF-ITW Northwestern Flying Services Ltd., Nestor Falls, ON. Circa Apr-1964. Shown on CCAR from at least Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 13-May-1970 until after Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 13-May-1979.

Accident: Wabowden Airport. ON 28-Jan-1957 Aircraft suffered damage to rudder trim tab, skin on left side of fuselage just aft of battery box, when Cessna 120 CF-IRC ran into the side of it.

Accident: Populus Lake Outpost, ON. 4931N 09335W 18-Sep-1980. Crashed on climb out after takeoff. No fatalities. Stalled shortly after lift-off. The aircraft was observed to climb steeply to a height of approximately 75' above ground, when the left wing dropped, followed by the lowering of the right wing. The aircraft was in near vertical bank to the right when it crashed. Available information indicating that the aircraft stalled. It could not be determined why it stalled, nor why the stall recovery proceedure initiated by the pilot was not successful. A8OC0118.

Accident: 09-Jun-1981. Details Unknown.

CF-ITW Reported as canx following accident 09-Jun-1981.

Note: Wreck of CF-ITW noted at Nestor Falls on 09-May-2004. Fuselage lying in trees behind hanger, awaiting possible rebuild?

Fuselage possibly still exists