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c/n 107
CF-GQU at Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
Photo: Kurt Ariano © March 1970

c/n 107



Certificate of Airworthiness #3422 issued 24-Feb-1951.

CF-GQU Arthur Fecteau / Fecteau Transport Aerien Ltée., Senneterre, QC. Certificate of registration #9283 issued 24-Feb-1951. Delivered 03-May-1951.

Accident: Lat 74°11’N Lon 49°54’W. 17-Nov-1955. Pilot misjudged conditions on lake and alighted on rough water due to strong wind. Floats and undercarriage collapsed and aircraft submerged. Due to freeze up the aircraft was left to be recovered in Spring 1956. Pilot Serge Brehaut uninjured.

Accident: Groais Island, NL. 1958. Due to glare and no braking action the aircraft overshot unsuitable landing area and collided with the shore-line. Substantial damage reported but no injury.

CF-GQU Eastern Provincial Airways, Gander, NL. Date unknown

Accident: Village of Doting Cove, NL. 17-Aug-1959. No other detail recorded.

Accident: 07-Jul-1960 and rebuilt. No other details recorded

CF-GQU Severn Enterprises Ltd., Fort William, ON. Regd 21-Jun-1961

CF-GQU Severn Enterprises Ltd., Fort William, ON. Re Regd 13-Feb-1962 following accident. No details of a further accident around this time found

Note: (From AvCanada Forum). CF-GQU was painted in the Superior Airways / Severn Enterprise red, white, and black colours. The aircraft was based mainly out of Sioux Lookout and operated on floats and straight skis in the winter. The aircraft did long term contract work north of Sioux during some of the summer months on floats. One unique item that few were aware of is the aircraft actually had a set amphibious floats installed. The wheels had been removed and the nose wheel attachment areas covered over as were the main wheel wells. The main wheels wells were filled with foam and covered with fibreglass and metal. The aircraft was completely repainted in Sioux Lookout in the summer of 1971 and had new interior installed at the same time.

Accident: Bamaji Lake ON. 51°13’N 91°19’W. 30-Oct-1971. On floats, the aircraft departed from a bay at the North East end of Bamaji Lake on a flight to Dorothy Lake 12 ml to the North. This was the first of two trips to transport a family and their supplies to the lake. The mother and four children were being taken on this trip. The noise of the engine was heard and the aircraft disappeared round a point on what appeared to be a normal take off. Shortly after a loud noise like a twelve bore shotgun was heard by witnesses at the departure point. They went down the bay by boat to find a small portion of the tail and pieces of floats only, visible above the water. There were no survivors.

Note CCAR May 1981 shows “Sale reported”

CF-GQU Canx 27-May-1982

Status unknown