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c/n 104
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c/n 104

CF-GQR  OB-????  FAP-517



CF-GQR Operator unknown. Possibly Babb & Co.

OB-???? Poss. used civil registration for delivery flight. Delivered 13-Feb-1951 for Ministry de Aero del Peru.

FAP-517 Peruvian Air Force. Serialled 13-Feb-1951.

FAP-317 Poss. re serialled (see note below).

Note: In 1960 the Peruvian Air Force undertook an extensive re-numbering process and a USAF-type two-digit prefix came in use for the year of procurement, e.g. 64-5?? for a Transport aircraft, but this prefix does not appear to have been used on aircraft when the later Beavers were delivered as photographs show. There is an indication that Beavers were later re-designated as a miscellaneous type and renumbered in the 300 range. It is possible therefore that this aircraft was initially serialled 51-517 and then 51-317, although only carrier the numerical last three of the numerical serial.

Status unknown