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ZK-CLP at Dannevirke.
Photo: Bob Cranston © 1967 - via Graeme Mills - tinted by Neil Aird
ZK-CLP at Gisborne.
Photo:Don Noble © 23 October 1965 - Kiwibeavers - Graeme Mills Collection
ZK-CLP at Waipukurau.
Photo: Unknown photographer © via George Thompson Collection


52-6114 • N7743B



52-6114 USAF #1276. L-20 No: 277. Command AF-3. Delivered 22-May-1953. Built as L-20A.

N7743B State Airlines Inc., Charlotte, SC. Regd 21-Aug-1964. Canx 12-Jan-1965 on export to New Zealand.

ZK-CLP de Havilland New Zealand. Regd Mar-1965.

ZK-CLP First flight in New Zealand at Wellington, 24-Mar-1965.

ZK-CLP Fieldair Ltd., Gisborne. 06-Apr-1965. Canx 23-Jan-1969 as written off.

Accident: Dannevirke, 09-Dec-1966. Pilot R. Cranston. Other details unknown.

Accident: Wanstead near Waipukurau, 04-Jan-1969. Written off, as destroyed by fire. Pilot was badly injured.

Photo: Doug Sklenars © via George Thompson Collection

Damaged beyond repair

USAF History

52-6114 was made available on 17-Apr-1953 to the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit) unit of the USAF at Downsview, ON., and accepted on 21-Apr-1953. It was assigned to the Tactical Air Force on 22-Apr-1953 when it was attached to the 1st Liaison Squadron at George AFB., CA.

It was now re-assigned to the Air Material Command on 30-Nov-1953 and was sent to the San Bernardino Air Materiel Area at Norton AFB., CA. It stayed at Norton until 01-Jun-1954 apart from a deployment to Inglewood AFB., CA., (Los Angeles AFB.,) from 08-Apr-1954 to 12-May-1954. The acronym for the unit here was SBARKD, again unknown.

Again it was re assigned, this time to the Northeast Air Command, as it was transferred to Goose Bay Air Base in Newfoundland on 01-Jun-1954 where it was initially attached to the 6615th Air Transport Wing and then passed to the host unit, the 6606th Air Base Wing. It suffered category 4 damage (serious/destroyed) 2 miles N of the Terrington Basin, Newfoundland on 21-Aug-1955 in a landing accident whilst operating with the 6606th MSU, part of the 6606th Air Base Wing. The pilot was Pilot George A. Linko. The damaged remains were transported to the Middletown Air Depot at Olmstead AFB., PA., on 28-Nov-1955 and the record card shows its assignment being terminated on 22-Aug-1956 and leaving Olmstead on 14-Jun-1957, however the exact history until taken onto the civil register in unknown..

Further research to be undertaken .