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c/n 520

N5159G at Norwood, Massachussetts.
Photo: Tom Hildreth © 31 March 1974
52-6132 at 10TRW Alconbury Armed Forces Day.
Photo: Unknown photographer MAP © Wayne Mutza Collection - Aird Archives
52-6132 at Alconbury.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Ian MacFarlane Collection - Aird Archives
52-6132 oops. Runway excursion.
Unknown photographer © Screen capture from USAFE training film.

c/n 520

52-6132 • N5159G



52-6132 USAF #1294. L-20 No: 295 Command AF-3. Delivered 26-Jun-1953. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

52-6132 Struck off charge from USAF inventory on 24-Oct-1966.

N5159G Civil Air Patrol. Maxwell AFB., AL. Circa May-1971.

N5159G Richard B. Folsom, dba., Folsom’s Air Service, Greenville, ME. Regd 16-Dec-1975. Canx 13-May-1976.

C-GUMR Imported into Canada 1976.

C-GUMR Tamarac Air Service Ltee, Clova, QC. Regd Sep-1976. On CCAR at May-1981.

C-GUMR Bernard Dufresne et al., St-Felix-de-Valois, QC. CCAR 1990

C-GUMR Tamarac Air Service Ltee., Clova, QC. Regd 16-Jun-1994. Canx 19-May-1995.

C-GUMR 120312 Canada Inc., Owned by Monsieur  Berube, Du Moulin, Laval, QC. Based St. Francois, QC. Regd 19-May-1995.

Note: At this time believed to still wear traces of US Air Force markings. It appeared to be in a part olive drab colour in 1971.

C-GUMR 9220-5079 Quebec Inc., Laval, QC. Regd 19-Aug-2014.


USAF History

52-6132 was made available on 10-Jun-1953 and accepted on 22-Jun-1953 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, ON., after which it was delivered to the Tactical Air Command and the 7th Liaison Squadron at Greenville / Donaldson AFB., SC., on 30-Jun-1953. Staying with this unit it moved to Pope AFB., NC on 25-Apr-1954 until 01-May-1954 and then returned to Greenville / Donaldson AFB., SC.

It now passed to Newark, NJ., and the 2847th Transportation Control Depot (TPC) Wing which was the embarkation point for smaller aircraft being transhipped to Europe. It soon found itself with the Air Force Europe Command at Chateauroux in France with the 7373rd Maintenance Wing where it remained until 03-Aug-1954. It now moved to England where it joined the 47th Bombardment Wing at Sculthorpe. It suffered minor damage in a landing accident at RAF Sculthorpe, Norfolk, UK on 28-Feb-1955. The pilot was Alan R. Morgan.  This unit deployed to RAF Alconbury in Oxfordshire between 18-Sep-1958 and 13-May-1959 after which it returned to Sculthorpe.

Emblem of 47th Bombardment Wing

On 22-May -1959 the aircraft returned to Alconbury but now with the 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, moving to Chambley, France, in May-1963 and later on 13th Oct 1963 to Toul Rosiers.

Emblem of the 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing

It is reported to have been with the 7272nd Fighter Wing at Wheelus AFB., in Libya prior to being struck off charge from the USAF inventory on 24-Oct-1966.