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c/n 148

ZK-AVL at New Plymouth with James Aviation.
Photo: Neville Worsley © early 1950's

c/n 148



DHC Paint shop notes. Sep-1951. Spec WO 10132 5501/148 New Zealand Shipped No Reg.

Came in Tues noon. Partly cleaned on George's shift - Days. Cleaning & metal prepping done on Walt's shift - Night. Metal prep used liberally - Walt reported metal prep was not as good as previous. One batch was set aside to return to Nielson Chemical. Red was sprayed on fuselage without waiting 8 hrs. Fuse - Stearman's Vermillion. Wings, tailplane, elevators, fin & rudder, all painted silver. No design on fuse, no reg. Time 118 hrs.

ZK-AVL Delivered to de Havilland New Zealand on 26-Oct-1951 for Rural Aviation Ltd.

ZK-AVL James Aviation, Hamilton. Regd 19-Dec-1951.

Note: First flight in New Zealand 22-Dec-1951.

Accident: Te Akau, 17-Mar-1956:. Pilot Ron Woolford. Other details currently unknown.

ZK-AVL Aerial Farming (Holdings) Ltd, Palmerston North, Regd. 20-Jul-1959

Accident: Crashed 21-Dec-1959 Taeroa, near Taihape. Aircraft written off. Pilot, Richard George Shirtcliffe suffered fatal injuries.

ZK-AVL Canx 21-Oct-1960

Written off