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c/n 149

FAC-104 operating with Satena.
Photo: Fernando Peña © c 1962-63 • via Jaime Escobar-Corradine

c/n 149



FAC-104 Fuerza Aérea Colombiana / Colombia Air Force.

• 22-Apr-1952 was repainted with Stearman Green stripe straight through with no trim colour with Colombian flag colours on rudder. Matt green 104 on upper starboard wing and FAC-104 on lower port wing (8” letters) On side of fuselage behind battery door 104 on both sides. On fin under DHC crest 104 with FAC under. No stripe on fin.

• Delivered 06-May-1952

• Used by SATENA and Escuadron de Enlace. Believed w.f.u. in Jan-1977.

Status Unknown