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CF-OBW at Diamond Lake.

T.W. Hueston (left) R.A. Weir (right).

Photo: A. Sandison, Department of Lands & Forests © 09 October 1951 - Jeff Hueston Collection




Entries preceded by a date are extracts from Department of Transport archives.

29-Jan-1948 Department of Lands and Forests submit Certificate Of Registration applications for CF-OBS, CF-OBT, CF-OBU, CF-OBV, CF-OBW & CF-OBX.

04-Jun-1948 DHC advises Department of Transport that owner of Beaver msn 7 CF-OBW will be Department of Lands & Forest, Toronto, ON.

04-Jun-1948 Test flown for Aeroplane Inspection Release Certificate by G. A. Neal.

04-Jun-1948 Certificate of Airworthiness #2821 issued.

04 Jun-1948 Certificate of Registration #7239 entered on the register of Canada.

• CF-OBW Province of Ontario Government, Department of Lands and Forests, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Delivered 09-Jun-1948.

Accident: Gunn Lake, Minaki ON, 26-Jul-1954. With pilot Edward C. Burton the aircraft collided with a canoe while landing to pick up a forestry crew. Regrettably the sole occupant of the canoe, Thomas Young, was killed.

21-Nov-1962 Application for registration by Northland Wild Rice Ltd., Winnipeg, MB.

27-Nov-1962 Certificate of Registration #27970 issued to Northland Wild Rice Ltd.

• CF-OBW Northland Wild Rice Ltd, Winnipeg. Regd 27-Nov-1962.

20-Mar-1963 Application for registration by Northland Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg, MB. (same address/president as former owner)

09-May-1963 Certificate of Registration #31146 issued to Northland Airlines Ltd.

• CF-OBW Northland Airlines Ltd., Winnipeg, MB. Regd 09-May-1963.

25-Jun-1963 Application for registration by Georgian Bay Airways Ltd, Parry Sound ON.

25-Jun-1963 Certificate of Registration #33204 issued to Georgian Bay Airways Ltd., Parry Sound ON.

• CF-OBW Georgian Bay Airways Ltd., Parry Sound, ON. Regd 25-Jun-1963 & Mar-1964.

Accident: Fort George River, Quebec, 53°45’N 75°33’W. 26-Oct-1966. The actual circumstances of the accident are unknown. It is known that a canoe was attached to the floats of this aircraft when it took off. A canoe was found on the Fort George River and identified conclusively to have been the one attached. It seems the canoe entered the arc of the propeller at impact or during flight. The aircraft was not found during the initial search but was spotted on 02-Nov-1966 under the water but recovery was not possible before freeze up and investigation deferred until break up in 1967. The aircraft was written off. The pilot Roy H. Cunnington and his two passengers were missing.

Total time since new as recorded in Department of Transport archives.

17-Apr-1951   1,149 hours.

19-Apr-1952   1,582 hours.

24-Mar-1953   1,705 hours.

28-Apr-1954   1,995 hours.

18-Sep-1957   3,010 hours.

20-Aug-1958   3,174 hours.

19-Aug-1959   3,419 hours.

17-Aug-1960   3,548 hours.

08-Aug-1961   3,579 hours.

18-Jul-1962   3,727 hours.

07-May-1963   3,845 hours.

15-May-1964   4,475 hours.

15-May-1965   4,924 hours.

02-May-1966   5,254 hours.

• CF-OBW Canx 21-Dec-1967.

Removed from register