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c/n 517
N4799C of CAP on display at Elmendorf.
Photo: Alaska Digital Archives ©

c/n 517




52-6130 USAF #1292. L-20 No. 293. Command AF-3. Delivered 26-Jun-1953. Built as L-20A.

Note: Record card shows it as being passed to CAP which ties into it operating in Alaska.

N4799C Civil Air Patrol. Maxwell AFB., AL. Based at Elmendorf AFB., AK.

.Accident: Pile Bay, AK. (Approx 50 ml WNW of Homer) 11-Jan-1965. Whilst on a miscellaneous ferry flight between unknown locations the aircraft collided with the ground in normal cruise conditions. It appears that the pilot entered adverse weather conditions, snow and low cloud ceiling, which was considerably worse than forecast. There was a fire after the impact. Pilot and passenger suffered fatal injuries and aircraft although destroyed was recovered the next day: ANC65A0037.

Fate Unknown

USAF History

52-6130 was made available on 04-Jun-1953, accepted on 09-Jun-1953 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, ON., after which it was delivered to the Tactical Air Command and the 7th Liaison Squadron at Greenville / Donaldson AFB., SC., on 30-Jun-1953 moving with the unit to Pope AFB., NC 25-Apr-1954 for a few days moving back on 02-May-1954. It then passed to the 4501st Headquarters Squadron on 09-Jun-1954.

This also was short term as in was next found at Sewart AFB., TN., where it was attached to the 314th Medium Troop Carrier Wing from 21-Jun-1954 until 20-Aug-1954 moving back to Donaldson and the 4501th Headquarters Squadron. This was re designated a Support Squadron on 01-Sep-1954. The aircraft returned to Pope AFB., on 18-Apr-1955 to join the 464th Medium Troop Carrier Wing until 12-Jul-1956.

Emblem of 464th TCW

It now returned to Downsview for attention until 04-Sep-1956 and returned to Pope but only for a few days before returning again to Downsview for a short period. The record is unclear but it again returned to Pope and eventually terminated there on 24-May-1957 prior to moving to Alaska and the Alaska Air Command. Its new base was Elmendorf and it was initially attached to the 5039th Air Base Wing and then the 5039th Air Transport Squadron on 01-Jun-1957. It subsequently moved across to the 5040th Consolidated Maintenance Group and remained with this unit at Elmendorf until 23-Mar-1960 after which it was struck off charge and reportedly joined the Civil Air Patrol based in Alaska.