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Photo: R. Ward / NERC © FIDS / BAS




CF-WSC de Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Downsview, ON Roll out and First flight dates unknown.

CF-WSC Purchased by NERC-National Environment Research Council a component of the British Antarctic Survey. Date unknown.

Note: The aircraft was bought directly from Downsview. It was fitted with long range tanks and flown From Downsview via South America to Antarctica by RAF Flight Lieutenants B J Conchie and D Brown. The aircraft commenced its ferry flight on 22-Nov-1969 arriving 07-Dec-1969.. It was subsequently operated on supply flights out of Adelaide Island.

VP-FAM (2) Re regd to British Antarctic Survey, based Aelaide Island Station. Antarctica 1969.

Note: Flew from Adelaide base on 25-Mar-1970 returning to Downsview for maintenance and storage arriving on 04-Apr-1970 until returned to Adelaide Station, Antarctica via Punta Arenas, Chile, in mid 1970  for  the summer season. It again returned to Downsview in early Apr-1971 for maintenance and storage until once again being ferried to Adelaide Station in Nov-1971. It was employed as a support vehicle for the BAS  mostly between Adelaide Base and Fossil Bluff  on Alexander Island.

Note. There had been a previously painted aircraft, in Antarctica, a DHC-3 Otter  that had been painted upas VP-FAM in error. It was damaged beyond repair in Antarctica in Mar 1969. so there was no conflict.

Unconfirmed Incident: Jan-1971 Unknown location in Antarctica., Damage to tailwheel and fuselage.

Note. Its final ferry flight back to Downsview  on 20-Mar-1972 arriving eight days later on 28 Mar-1972.

Note On 10-Feb-1971 a Falklands Islands Registration Certificate  confirming the aircraft’s registration.was issued .

Note: When Adelaide Island closed in Apl 1972 (now the current site of Rothera Base. aircraft returned to DHC.

VP-FAM (2) Canx 14-Apr-1972.

CF-BLX Arctic Air Ltd., Edmonton &, AB & Fort Simpson, NT., Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 30-Sep-1972.

Accident: Location unknown. 20-Aug-1973. Details unknown.

CF-BLX Canx Aug-1975.

Fate Unknown