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N3790G at Fairbanks, Alaska.
Photo: Unknown photographer © June 1968 - Collection Lesieutre - Aird Archives
55-2806 at the Washington crash location.
Photos: Unknown photographers © c.1959 - via Sid Siko.





53-2806 US Army #1349. L-20 No: 350. Command A-4. Delivered 09-Feb-1954. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

Accident: 14ml North of Stehekin, WA. 12-Jan-1959. Crashed in mountainous terrain 90° off course. Capt. Wade L. Shankle Jr., and Pvt. John A. Ardussi were killed. One H-21 helicopter (N7935C) crashed during SAR operation. The aircraft with the bodies found summer 1959 by hunters mostly buried under snow. Aircraft rebuilt.

N3790G D. G. Sealey, Fairbanks AK. Dates unknown.

N3790G Wien Alaska Airlines Inc., Fairbanks, AK. Circa. 1964 – 1968. Leased from D. G. Sealey.

N3790G Simpson Airservice Inc., Ketchikan, AK. Circa. 1969.

N3790G Tyee Airlines Inc., Ketchikan, AK. Regd 01-May-1976.

Accident: Near Hydaburg, AK, 25-Nov-1978. On a flight from Ketchikan to Hydaburg the aircraft collided with the ground having flown from VFR conditions into adverse weather conditions of low ceiling with rain and fog. The aircraft was destroyed and pilot and four passengers suffered fatal injuries. ANC79FA020.

N3790G Canx 01-Mar-1982.

Status Unknown