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c/n 9
CF-FHE when with Austin Airways.
Photo: Austin Airways - Canav Books © Larry Milberry Collection

c/n 9



Entries preceded by dates are extracts from Department of Transport archives.

16-Jun-1948 Application for registration by H. H. Sewell, Baie Comeau, QC.

16-Jun-1948 Test flown for Aeroplane Inspection Release Certificate by G. A. Neal.

17-Jun-1948  DHC advise Department of Transport that owner of Beaver msn 9 CF-FHE is H.H. Sewell, Baie Comeau, QC.

17-Jun-1948. Certificate of Airworthiness # 2816 issued 17-Jun-1948.

17-Jun-1948  Certificate of Registration #7234, H. H. Sewell, entered on the register of Canada.

• CF-FHE H. H. Sewell, Baie Comeau, QC. Delivered 21-Jun-1948. Regd 30-Aug-1948.

Note: H. H. Sewell was a manager for Quebec North Shore Paper Company, a subsidiary of Ontario Paper Company, who actually owned the Beaver. Until 30-Jun-1950 it was operated for QNSP (pilot Jim Lago and an engineer) by Atlas Aviation Ltd., of Ottawa, ON.. (This was the original Atlas Aviation, not the later well known Arctic operator ( See below)). Jim Lago would be killed flying a Spartan Air Services’ Lightning in 1953.

• CF-FHE Pre delivery contract dated June / Aug 1948 for lease to Quebec North Shore Paper Co.

• CF-FHE Leased to Atlas Aviation Ltd., Ottawa, ON. Dates confused on various documents.

• CF-FHE Aircraft Industries. Detail of dates currently unknown.

11-Jan-1955 Certificate of Registration # 13713, Austin Airways, Toronto, ON., entered on the register of Canada.

• CF-FHE Austin Airways Ltd., Toronto, ON. Regd 11-Jan-1955.

Accident: 25ml from Wakeham Bay, Quebec 26-Jul-1959. Fuel starvation at 61 21N, 72 23W, 25 miles from Wakeham Bay, QC. On takeoff run aircraft did not become airborne, ran ashore and overturned receiving substantial damage. Pilot and two passengers uninjured. Cause reported as inattention to fuel system by pilot. Aircraft reported as written off.

Note: A further accident was reported as 25 miles from Wakeham Bay, QC., on 13-Aug-1959. However in view of the damage suffered in the accident reported on 26-Jul 1959, nineteen days later, it is assumed that the comment referred to the same incident.

• CF-FHE Reportedly leased to Atlas Aviation, Resolute Bay, NT. Circa 1962.

Note. Reference made to lease to Atlas Aviation. Atlas was founded in 1962, and later became Kenting Atlas, but dates unclear from documentation.

• CF-FHE Austin Airways Ltd., Toronto, ON. Permanently withdrawn from service circa Mar-1964. Removed from register 20-Mar-1968.

Total hours since new as recorded in Department of Transport archived files.

21-Mar-1951   1,349 hours.

05-May-1952   1,793 hours.

16-Dec-1952   2,104 hours.

21-May-1953   2,186 hours.

25-Jan-1957   4,033 hours.

30-Dec-1957   4 724 hours.

28-Jan-1959    5,301 hours.

• Status unknown