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CF-MAP at Ramsey Lake facility, Sudbury, Ontario.
Photo: Dr. Edmund Ho © Summer 1969
CF-MAP winter and summer with Austin Airways.
Photos: Don Beamish ©
CF-MAP at Snow Lake, Manitoba.
Photo: Bruce W. Gowans © Pre 1955 - Aird Archives




Entries preceded by date are extracts from  Department of Transport archive files.

14-Jun-1948 Application for registration, Manitoba Government Air Service, Lac du Bonnet, MB.

21-Jun-1948 DHC advise Department of Transport that the owner of Beaver msn 10 is Manitoba Government Air Service.

21-Jun-1948 Test flown for Aeroplane Inspection Release Certificate by G. A. Neal.

22-Jun-1948 Certificate of Airworthiness #2826 issued.

22-Jun-1948 Certificate of Registration #7244, Manitoba Government Air Service, entered on the register of Canada.

• CF-MAP Province of Manitoba Government, Air Division, Lac du Bonnet, MB. Regd 22-Jun-1948. Delivered 25-May-1948.

29-Dec-1959 Application for registration by Austin Airways Ltd., Toronto. ON.

31-Dec-1959 Certificate of Registration #22835, Austin Airways Ltd., issued.

• CF-MAP Austin Airways, Ltd., Toronto, ON. Regd 31-Dec-1959.

Incident: Sudbury Airport, Ontario 25-Nov-1971. Written off in hangar fire.

Total time since new as recorded in Department of Transport archive files.

26-May-1950   881 hours.

03-May-1951   1,228 hours.

02-Apr-1952   1,465 hours.

04-May-1953   1,654 hours.

04-May-1957   2,887 hours.

14-May-1958   3,256 hours.

05-May-1959   3,607 hours.

02-May-1960   4,030 hours.

19-Apr-1961   4,719 hours.

14-Apr-1962   5,430 hours.

09-May-1963   6,212 hours.

07-May-1964   7,146 hours.

03-May-1965   7,881 hours.

02-May-1966   8,720 hours.

20-Apr-1967   9,409 hours.

14-May-1968   9,923 hours.

09-Apr-1969   10,649 hours.

23-Mar-1970   11,148 hours.

01-Apr-1971   12,044 hours.

• CF-MAP Canx by Transport Canada 13-Dec-1971.

Written off