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C-FFHX at Timmins on her "dolly".
Photo: Darren Gareh © date unknown
CF-FHX of Austin Airways at Timmins, Ontario.
Photo: Pete Davis © 26 June 1952 - via Tony Boyle





• CF-FHX Purchased by Austin Airways Ltd., Toronto, ON. 19-Jul-1949.

Entries preceded by dates and indented are from Department of Transport files.

22-Jul-1949 G.A. Neal test flies for Aircraft Inspection Release Certificate.

25-Jul -1949 DHC advise Department of Transport that DHC-2 c/n 60 owned by Austin Airways Ltd.

25-Jul -1949 Application for Certificate of Registration by Austin Airways Ltd., Toronto, ON.

26-Jul -1949 Authority to operate pending issue of formal Certificate of Airworthiness and Certificate of Registration granted to Austin Airways Ltd., Toronto, ON.

Jul -1949 DHC advises Department of Transport that CF-FHN loaned to Austin Airways pending delivery of CF-FHX.

26-Jul -1949 Certificate of Registration #8189 entered on Register of Canada (document issued and dated 25-AUG-1949).

26-Jul -1949 Certificate of Airworthiness #3151 issued (document issued 25-Aug-1949).

Note. Received the wing set from c/n 69 CF-HEP following the accident to it in Sep-1967. No comment in Department of Transport files.

Accident: 48°34’N 90°18’W 05-Oct-1968 On an un-named lake in Ontario while operating for International Nickel Company of Canada, while trying to retrieve his cap pilot fell into prop and severed his right arm. (Accident report does not report that Brian Steed dragged himself, just, on to the floats and up into the cabin and flew -FHX back to base! His story is told in AUSTIN AIRWAYS Canada’s Oldest Airline, by Milberry).

01-Oct-1976 Application for Certificate of Registration by Lakeland Airways Ltd., Temagami, ON.

25-Oct-1976 Certificate of Registration issued to Lakeland Airways Ltd., Temagami, ON.   

• CF-FHX Lakeland Airways Ltd., Temagami, ON. Regd 25-Oct-1976

23-Nov-1976 Certificate of Registration re-issued to reflect change of marks to C-FFHX.

•C-FFHX Lakeland Airways Ltd., Temagami, ON. Regd 23-Nov-1976

Accident: Maple Mountain, ON. 47.24N/80.20W 06-Jun-1981. Reported as crashed into high ground and destroyed by fire.  Pilot Bruce Elliott and three passengers killed.  Aircraft written off.

Note: Ralph Baxter reports that FHX had over 19,500 hours at the time of the accident.

• C-FFHX Canx by Transport Canada 17-May-1984 and deleted 22-Jul-1987.

Summary of Total Hours since new.

27-Jun-1950   586 hours

26-Jun-1951   1,275 hours

02-Jul-1952   1,871 hours

25-Jun-1953   2,481 hours

28-Dec-1956   5,419 hours

28-Dec-1957   6,189 hours

22-Dec-1959   6,907 hours

08-Dec-1960   7,657 hours

06-Dec-1961   8,337 hours

02-Jan-1963   9,048 hours

19-Dec-1963   9,966 hours

01-Dec-1964   10,771 hours

18-Dec-1965   11598 hours

13-Dec-1966   12,256 hours

15-Mar-1968   12,907 hours

25-Feb-1969   13,459 hours

06-Feb-1970   13,907 hours

19-Jan-1971   14,554 hours

09-Feb-1972   15,220 hours

01-Feb-1973   16,157 hours

12-Feb-1974   17,076 hours

07-Feb-1975   17,749 hours

29-Sep-1976   18,221 hours

26-Sep-1977   18,629 hours

10-Sep-1979   19,174 hours

01-Sep-1980   19,596 hours

Written off