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51-16469 at Fresno, California.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 06 February 1969 - John Rodger Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: Peter B. Lewis © 07 April 1968 (Image taken from Osprey Book)
51-16469 at K-6 Pyongtaek, South Korea.
Photo: Captain Jim Zoller © 1954 - via Bob Zoller and Wolodymir Nelowkin




51-16469 US Air Force #1040. L-20A No: 41. Command AF-1. Available 14-Mar-1952. Accepted 19-Mar-1952. Delivered from Toronto AMO on 27-Mar-1952. Re designated U-6A in 1962.

51-16469 Struck off USAF charge on 02-Jun-1966.

51-16469 Served with the US Army and the California National Guard.

Accident: 09-Apr-1972 at 16:20 local. 2K (see detailed notes below).


USAF history

16469 was made available to the AMO (Air Material Overseas) unit of the USAF at Downsview and initially assigned to the Air Material Command at Norton AFB where it remained until 02-Jun-1952 when it was re assigned to the Far East Air Force at Kisarazu AFB and the 6400th Air Force Depot, and then the 6408th Maintenance Unit Group. On the 04-Aug-1952 it was allocated to the 10th Liaison Squadron at Yong Dong Po before the unit moved to Osan ni on 03-Feb-1954 where it supported the Aviation Engineering Units building the base. A short deployment to the Showa Aircraft Factory at Tachikawa with the 6400th Air Force Depot, which was a repair and maintenance base followed between 26-May-1954 and 07-Jul-1954 before a return to 10th Liaison Sqd. From 07-Jul-1954 – 01-Nov-1954, the 6171th Air Base Wing at Osan ni until 14-Dec-1954 and then the 10th Liaison Wing until 31-May-1955.

A deployment to the 58th Fighter Bomber Wing at Osan ni followed on 15-Mar-1955 and then to Kunsan AFB with the 6170th Air Base Group. There followed a series of deployments as follows: the 58th Fighter Bomber Wing at Osan ni, the 6152nd Air Base Wing at Taegu, the 6170th Air Base Group at Kunsan before moving back to the 58th Fighter Bomber Wing by the 26-Jun-1956 until Oct-1957 with a short trip to Showa Maintenance facility between 05-May-1957 and 31-Jul-1957.

Duties resumed with the Pacific Air Force (Far East Air Force re designated in 1957) as part of the 5th Air Force followed with deployments back with the 58th Fighter Bomber Wing and then the 6314th Air Base Group, later Air Base Wing from Oct-1957 at Osan which had deployments to various other airfields on the South Korean Peninsula such as Taegu and Kunsan up until 13-Sep-1964. In the middle of this rather settled period of time it spent just a few days with the 6146th Advisory Group (ADYGP) at Seoul which was supporting the setting up of the Republic of Korean Air Force at the time.

Emblem of the 6146th Air Force Advisory Group

The aircraft type was re designated U-6A in 1962. A transfer to the Air Force Logistics Command followed based at Taegu from 13-Sep-1964. Served with California Army National Guard, Circa. 1968.

Accident: 09-Apr-1972 at 16:20 local.

On final approach to Camp San Luis Obispo (Cuesta College) on a flight from Fort Irwin., the single engine aircraft struck a warehouse located at the end of the runway. On impact, the left wing was torn off and the airplane veered toward the creek, crashed upside down and caught fire. Both occupants were killed.
CW2 Richard F. Race, pilot.
Lt Col Michael A. Nolan.

Further information to be researched on a following microfilm.