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• CF-GQK Hollinger Ungava Transport. Sept Iles, QC.

Total time since new as recorded in Canadian Department of Transport archives.

30-May-1951   369 hours.

09-May-1952   831 hours.

13-Apr-1954   1,870 hours

Accident: Mile 164, Grace Lake, Labrador. 13- Nov 1952. While being taxied by pilot D. E. Paton, on Grace Lake, preparing for take off to Ashuanipi Lake the aircraft broke through the ice suffering minor damage.

Accident: Mile 137 on Quebec North Shore, Labrador. 04-Dec-1954. Pilot misjudged takeoff run due to slush on lake. The pilot cut the power and allowed the aircraft to go up on shore line. The aircraft suffered asubstantial amount damage including to outer skin structure of both wings and the horizontal stabilizer required replacing  as well as left hand elevator. Minor repairs were required to the wheel/ski fittings.

Accident: Mont Joli Airport QC. 05-May-1955. No details of circumstances. Pilot, Albert King, suffered fatal injuries and one passenger seriously injured.

Note: Records indicate that only one fatal accident was suffered by Hollinger Ungava Transport and that this suffered by c/n 72.

• CF-GQK Hollinger Ungava Transport. Sept Iles, QC. Canx by Transport Canada 23-Sep-1955 following accident.

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