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C-GPUQ working hard with Clark's Resorts.
Photo: Clark's Resorts © 2020
C-GPUQ at Swift Current - CYYN, Saskatchewan.
Photo: Pete Killin © 06 May 2015
C-GPUQ at Calgary / Springbank - CYBW, Alberta.
Photo: David Brown © 24 October 2013
C-GPUQ at Cochrane receiving some attention.
Photos: Rob Mitchell © 17 March 2011
C-GPUQ ready for the winter sojourn at St Mary's River, Ontario.
Photo: Den Pascoe © 17 October 2005
C-GPUQ an earlier winter sojourn.
Photo: Rich Hulina © May 2001 - Aird Archives
C-GPUQ in a quiet spot.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © August 1978 - Michael J. Ody Collection
C-GPUQ ready to be civilianised.
Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © August 1976 - Michael J. Ody Collection





58-2013 US Army # 1893. L-20 No. 894. Command A-16. Delivered 05-May-1959. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

58-2013 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 10-Feb-1972 to 24-Feb-1976. PCN (Product Control Number) HS092.

Note: Purchased at Davis Monthan auction sale, 29-Jan-1976 by Theriault for $22,000US. Sold as “no reasonable potential for normal certification”. Total time 4,964.2 hours., engine 4,243 hours. Commented upon as having six seats, chrome cylinders, in clean and good condition.

C-GPUQ Imported into Canada. 24-Feb-1976.

C-GPUQ Theriault Air Service, Chapleau, ON. Regd 24-Feb-1976. Canx 06-Jun-1977.

C-GPUQ John Theriault Air Services Ltd., Chapleau, ON. Regd 06-Jun-1977. Canx 15-Aug-1990.

C-GPUQ John Theriault Air Ltd., Chapleau, ON. Regd 24-Oct-1990 and 26-Mar-2009. Canx 28-Mar-2011.

For Sale: $240,000Cdn on 4930 floats. Total time: 13,500 hours.

C-GPUQ Billy Konopelky, Cochrane, ON. Regd 11-Apr-2011. Canx 13- Jan-2014

Accident: 3-4 miles NE of Lillabelle Lake, ON. 01-Jul-2011. The float equipped aircraft was departing from Lake Lillabelle for Stringer Lake. Approximately 3NM north of the departure point, the engine (started to make unusual clacking sounds which were quickly followed by a complete failure. The pilot completed a forced landing in the most suitable spot which was a swampy area near a small stream. On touchdown, the aircraft's floats stuck several obstacles which were on or just beneath the surface, causing extensive damages to the floats and float struts. The aircraft came to a rest with one wing and part of the empennage in the water. The pilot and all occupants were uninjured, walked to the nearest road and picked up by the ON provincial Police.. CADORS report 2011O1743. TSB report A11O0106

Note: Aircraft recovered from accident site on 02-Sep-2011.

C-GPUQ 1597813 AB Ltd., Calgary, AB. Regd 15-Jan-2014.

Total time: 13,490 hours.

Mods include: Alaska Door mod and cabin extension by Sealand. Battery forward and gross weight increase to 5,370lb by Kenmore. Life time wing Struts and Bird cage struts by Sealand.

Note: May-2015 - Silver Falls, MB., for float installation. To be based in Kenora, ON.

C-GPUQ 2047369 Ontario Inc.,Vermillion Bay, ON. Regd 13-Aug-2015. (Clark's Resorts & Outposts.- Air Service)