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C-FQQC on the Red River at Selkirk, Manitoba.
Photo: John Henderson © 25 May 2022 - Aird Archives
C-FQQC at Selkirk - CKL2, Manitoba.
Photo: John Henderson © 13 May 2022 - Aird Archives
Photo: Gerry Norberg © 03 November 2020
C-FQQC sporting new paint.
Photos: Jesse Ouellette © 15 January 2017
C-FQQC enjoying evening bliss.
Photo: Jesse Ouellette © 01 October 2014
C-FQQC up at LG4 in Northern Québec.
Photo: Jesse Ouellette © 2014
C-FQQC enjoying Winter.
Photo: Jesse Ouellette © 23 March 2014
C-FQQC in summer.
Photo: Jesse Ouellette © 18 June 2013
Photo: Jesse Ouellette © June 2013
C-FQQC at CSW9 - Sainte Véronique.
Photo: Todd Boettcher © 10 August 2012 - Aird Archives
Photos: Todd Boettcher © 11 August 2012 - Aird Archives
C-FQQC with big sisters.
Photo: Air Mont Laurier © 2008 - via Jesse Ouellette
C-FQQC at Lac Ouimet seaplane base*, Mt-Tremblant, QC.
Photo: Marc Bourdon © August 2005
CF-FHU (1) prior to delivery at Downsview.
Photo: de Havilland Canada © 19 August 1949 (DHC Neg 318)


CF-FHU (1) • FAP 520 • FAP 320 • CF-QQC



• CF-FHU (1) Temporary registration only. Noted in paint shop records. Registration only on fin, not on wings. Painted Leoning yellow cowling and stripe trimmed with black, also fin band yellow and black trim. Going to Peru, not on floats!

• Delivered 10-Aug-1949.

• FAP 520 Peruvian Air Force / Fuerza Aérea del Perú. 54 Transport Squadron. Delivered 19-Aug-1949.

• FAP 320 Peruvian Air Force / Fuerza Aérea del Perú. Re-numbered before 1970. Struck off charge 1971.

Note: In 1960 the Peruvian Air Force undertook an extensive re-numbering process and a USAF-type two-digit prefix came in use for the year of procurement, e.g. 64-5?? for a Transport aircraft, but this prefix does not appear to have been used on aircraft when the later Beavers were delivered as photographs show. There is an indication that Beavers were later re-designated as a miscellaneous type and renumbered in the 300 range. It is possible therefore that this aircraft was officially serialled 49-520 and then 49-320, although only carried the numerical last three of the numerical serial.

• CF-QQC La Sarre Air Service Ltd., La Sarre, QC. Regd by Aug-1972.

• C-FQQC Cargair Ltée., St. Hubert, QC. Regd 04-Jul-1974 & 18-Apr-2000. Based St. Michel-des-Saints / Lac Kaiagamac, QC. Canx 05-Sep-2007.

• C-FQQC Air Mont Laurier (1985) Inc., Rivière-Rouge, QC. Based Lac Tibériade, QC. Regd 05-Sep-2007. Canx 31-Jan-2008. Regd 07-Jul-2008. Canx 31-Jan-2009. Regd 27-May-2009. Regd 17-Mar 2010.

• C-FQQC Excellent Adventures Outposts & Air Service Ltd.., Red Lake, ON. Regd 27-Sep-2018. Canx 09-Dec-2020. Re regd 27-Sep-2021. tt15,660 hours (Date unknown).