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C-FOCD waiting for a prop and thicker ice at Ft. Frances.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 04 January 2024 - Aird Archives
C-FOCD waiting at Weagamow Lake.
Photo: John Henderson © 06 August 2021 - Aird Archives
C-FOCD getting ready to ski.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 21 March 2008 - Aird Archives
C-FOCD back in business.
Photos: Rich Hulina © 26 September 2007 - Aird Archives
C-FOCD in heavy maintenance.
Photo: Larry Milberry © 18 July 2007 - Aird Archives
C-FOCD goes for a winter outing.
Photo sequence: Rich Hulina © 02 January 2006 (we just need the sound!)
C-FOCD enjoying a ski break.
Photo: Rich Hulina © March 1994 - Aird Archives
C-FOCD at Nestor Falls, Ontario.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 25 May 1981 - Aird Archives
Photo: John P. Stewart © Date unknwn - Aird Archives
Photo: Glen Etchells © Date unknown - Aird Archives
CF-OCD a proud Yellow Bird on Lake Kenogami, Ontario..
Photo: John A. Jones © 06 July 1954 - Aird Archives





Certificate of Airworthiness # 2938 & Certificate of Registration issued 03-Nov-1948.

• CF-OCD Province of Ontario Government, Department of Lands and Forests, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Delivered 04-Nov-1948.

Total hours up to Apr-1949   170.25

Total hours up to Apr-1950   529.05

Total hours up to Apr-1951   541.45

Total hours up to Apr-1954   1,317.35

Total hours up to Apr-1955   1,623.00

Loads carried between May-1948 & Apr-1949   93,670

Loads carried between May-1949 & Apr-1950   188,930

Loads carried between May-1950 & Apr-1951   6,110

Loads carried between May-1954 & Apr-1955   167,575

Aircraft Allocated to Sudbury 1949-50. Kenogami 1954-55.

• CF-OCD Northwestern Flying Services Ltd., Nestor Falls, ON. Regd at least prior to C of A issued on 04-Aug-1970. Canx 29-Aug-1985 and .Canx 18-Dec-1987.

Accident: Kakagi Lake, ON. Lat 49.12N Lon 093.53W. 29-Apr-1991. The pilot departed the Nestor Falls Floatplane Base on a local training flight of approximately one hour in preparation for the upcoming float season. Weather at the time was reported as broken middle cloud, no precipitation, and calm winds. The aircraft was reported overdue by the owner and the Search and Rescue commenced a search and the forward section of the right float was recovered from Kakagi Lake. The wreckage was located on the bottom of the lake in 100 feet of water. After an exhaustive search, Ontario Province Police dive teams and shore parties discontinued search for the pilot having found no further evidence. The pilot's body was later recovered from the lake after discovery by a fisherman.

• CF-OCD Northwest Flying Inc, Nestor Falls, ON Regd 18-Dec-1987. Canx 10-Feb-1987. Canx 10-Feb-1992.

• C-FOCD Weagamow Air Corporation. Trading as Weagamow Air, Weagamow Lake, ON. Regd 05-Apr-1994, 21-Jun-1994 & 01-Aug-2008.

Note: No added porthole but Kenmore rectangular.window added circa 1994.