C-FKDC stored at Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
Photo: Reece Wilson © 12 September 2022 - Aird Archives
C-FKDC on the Tyee Spit.
Photos: Rod Hall © 11 April 2015 - Aird Archives
C-FKDC with new titles at Prince Rupert.
Photo: Pete Killin © 18 May 2013
C-FKDC kicks up some spray.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 19 July 2011
C-FKDC wearing North Pacific titles at Vancouver.
Photo: Bill Hann © December 2003
C-FKDC at Alliford Bay, British Columbia.
Photo: Bill Hann © 2000
C-FKDC with HARBOUR AIR, at Prince Rupert.
Photo: Marcel Fluet-Lecerf © 15 September 1999 - Aird Archives
C-FKDC of Trans-Provincial at Prince Rupert.
Photos: Kenneth I. Swartz © 26 January 1987
C-FKDC departing Stewart, BC.
Photos: Kenneth I. Swartz © September 1984 - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © Bob Kobzey Collection
C-FKDC propless ar Seal Cove, Prince Rupert.
Photo: Ab Gobets © 01 August 1983 - via Coert Munk - Aird Archives
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 1981 - Aird Archives





CF-KDC Richfield Oil Company. Delivered 01-Aug-1957.

CF-KDC Rocair Ltd., Calgary, AB. Circa 1964

Accident: Un named location Lat 54.35N Long 118.10W. Aircraft struck soft spot in landing strip at completion of landing run causing the aircraft to nose over. Substantial damage caused to propeller blades tail wheel and tail wheel bulkhead cracked.

CF-KDC Trans-Provincial Airlines Ltd., Terrace, BC. Circa 1969. Canx date currently unknown.

Accident: Flamingo Inlet, BC Lat 52.13N, Long 131.21W. 10-Sep-1973. The (amphibious) aircraft was flying just above the water in foggy conditions for a landing in the inlet. The aircraft struck the rocky shoreline with its undercarriage and nosed into shallow water ground with nose coming to rest in shallow water. One passenger received minor injuries.

C-FKDC Regn format changed prior to 30-Sep-1977.

C-FKDC Air BC Ltd., Richmond, BC. On CCAR at May-1981.

C-FKDC Jim Pattison Industries Ltd., Vancouver, BC. Based Prince Rupert, BC. Regn date currently unknown. Canx 02-Jun-1988.

C-FKDC Trans-Provincial Airlines Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 18-Feb-1990. Canx 13-May- 1993

C-FKDC Harbour Air Ltd., Vancouver, BC. Regd 13-May-1993. Canx 10-Feb-2004.

C-FKDC North Pacific Seaplanes Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 10-Feb-2004. Canx 23-Apr-2013.

C-FKDC Inland Air Charters Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 24-Apr-2013.

Note: Stored fuselage at Prince Rupert 12-Sep-2022.