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PT-AMY on display at Sao Paulo - Marte, Brazil.
Photo: Wesley Minuano © 23 October 1955
PT-AMY freshly minted.
Photo: DHC © circa August 1953 - Archives Canada




PT-AMY Construciones Rucoes. Delivered 28-Aug-1952.

PT-AMY Sebastião Camargo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Date unknown.

Note: One of only two DHC-2 Beaver in Brazil (the other was C/n 90). This particular aircraft operated on floats for a certain time, and seems to have crashed in the late 70's.

PT-AMY Arnaldo de Oliviera, Belo Horizante. Brazil.  Regd 30-Apr-1980.

Note: Full entry on Brazilian CAR for 1999 is as follows: PT-AMY TPP007 002186 SBEG7 A1P DH MAINTENANCEE 30-Apr-1980C189 Arnaldo de Oliviera 1800096 R Paulo Nones Vieira 00150GR00905 Belo Horizante MG3349154111076

Status Unknown