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c/n 153
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c/n 153



51-16465 US Air Force. #1002. L-20A No: 3. Command AF-1. Available and accepted on 31-Oct-1951. Delivered 14-Nov-1951.

Accident: Alaska March 1962. Crashed. No other details currently available.

Fate unknown

USAF History


The aircraft was initially delivered on 14-Nov-1951 from Toronto, Ontario, to the Air Research and Development Command at Edwards AFB and allocated to the 6510th Air Base Wing from 04-Dec-1951 until 28-Jun-1952.

It was then assigned to the Alaskan Air Command at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, and allocated to the 5039th Air Transport Group from 28 Jun-1952. It moved to the 39th Air Depot Wing from 15th July 52 until 04-Apr-1953 and the 39th Air Transport Group, which was re-designated 39th Air Base Wing on 15-Apr-1953. Co-incidentally it moved to the 5th Liaison Squadron from 15-Apr-1953 until 03-May-1953.

It is reported as suffering category 3 damage in a takeoff accident 190 mi. WNW of Bethel in Alaska on 29th Apr- 1953 and was accordingly transferred to the 5039th Maintenance Group. From 03-May-1953 for depot level maintenance.

After repair it returned to the 5039th Air Transport Group from 01-Jun-1953 and then a return to the 5025th Maintenance group on an unknown date. Another attachment to the 5th Liaison Sqd. from 22-Oct-1953 followed before returning again to the 5025th Maintenance Sqd from 02-Mar-1954 and back to the 5th Liaison Sqd from 30-Mar-1954. Eventually it settled down with the 5039th Air Base Wing from 01-Jun-1954 until Apr-1957.

April to June 1957 saw it travel to King Salmon for an allocation with the 705th Air Base Construction Squadron to support the building of the small airbase. It then moved back to Elmendorf AFB., Anchorage, from 24-Jun-1957 to the 5039th Air Transport Squadron, when the Elmendorf Air Base Wing was re-designated in October 1957 to become the 5040th. 16465 was then allocated to the 5040th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Group until 20-Oct-1961.

It moved to Eielson AFB, Fairbanks, in October 1961 and is reported as having crashed on or about 25-Mar-1962. Details are unknown but will be researched in the future.