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N1018P on North Knife Lake, Manitoba.
Photo: Adam Glowaski (Box 5 Media) © Summer 2016 - via Mark G. Holt
N1018P 75nm north of Armstrong, Ontario.
Photo: Bob Schjerven © 01 July 2012
N1018P on the Oshkosh floatplane pond.
Photos: Kenneth I. Swartz © 25 July 2012
N1018P looking sharp on her Wipline 6100's
Photo: Bob Schjerven © 08 December 2011
N1018P at a rainy Kenmore Air Harbor.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 20 August 2008
N1018P with blindfold on at Remton.
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © July 1986
N1018P at Kenmore Air Harbor.
Photo: John Kimberley © September 1983 - Aird Archives
56-0397 shown here at Neubiberg, Germany.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 05 February 1971 - Rainer haufschild Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: Unknown photographer © 01 February 1971 - Ian MacFarlane Collection - Aird Archives
56-0397 sporting some day-glo details.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1963 - Marco Kosterman Collection - Aird Archives





56-0397 US Army # 1713. L-20 No. 714. Command A-11.

Delivered 04-Sep-1957. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

56-0397 For Sale Coleman Barracks, Mannheim – Sandhofen. Feb-1973.

tt 4,520.0 hours.

No regn Purchased by B & M Aviation Ltd.,  Lachute, QC.

Imported into Canada 01-Apr-1973.

N1018P Kenmore Air Harbour Inc., Kenmore, WA.

Purchased 19-Dec-1978. Regd Apr-1979.

Note: Possibly one of 12 Beavers sold to Kenmore.

on 19-Dec-1978 when B-M sold out.

Airworthiness date: 28-Jun-1982 / Category – Normal.

N1018P Norman G. Hayden, Kent, WA.

Regd 24-Sep-1982 & 17-Jun-2003.

Canx 20-Jun-2006 & 26-Oct-2007.

N1018P PC-12 Lessor LLC., Wilmington, DE.

Regd 19-Sep-2007. Canx 05-Aug-2011.

N1018P Longboat LLC.,  Rhinelander, WI. Regd 12-Aug-2011.

Expired 31-Aug-2014, (To spend winter in Texas).

N1018P Holt Aviation LLC, Mason City, IA. Regd 18-Nov-2014.

tt 5,194 hours (c.2015).