CF-FHC at Glacier lake, near Kwadacha Wilderness Park, BC.
Photo: Simon Lawrence © 10 September 2006
CF-FHC on wheels at Mosque River.
Photo: Simon Lawrence © July 2006
CF-FHC cockpit.
Photo: Eaglewing7 © www
CF-FHC caught leaving Bob Quinn strip.
Photo: Colin Adams © 07 June 2006
CF-FHC gets some attention.
Photo: John W. Olfson © 30 August 2004
CF-FHC at Sechelt dock.
Photo: Steve Wilcox © 03 July 2004
CF-FHC at Nanaimo. (Back to the older style door)
Photos: John W. Olafson © 24 May 2004
CF-FHC sporting new door, at Powell Lake, B.C.
Photos: Scott Stamp © 31 May 2003
CF-FHC 140 miles north of Fort McMurray, Alberta.
Photo:  Mike Fussell © August  2000
C-FFHC enjoying autumn.
Photo: Anthony J. Hickey © September 1994 - Aird Archives
C-FFHC up north at Cambridge Bay, NT.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 27 July 1994
CF-FHC when with Yukon Air.
Photo: Jim Hall © 1970's
CF-FHC of Northwestern at Kenora.
Photo: Karl Kramer © 22 July 1975 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
CF-FHC of Nanaimo Air Lines
Photo: Terry Coxall © 14 October 1967 - Aird Archives
CF-FHC very early on.
Photo: de Havilland Canada © - Eddie Coates Collection





• CF-FHC Beban Logging Co Ltd., Wellington, BC. Delivered 16-Jul-1948.

• CF-FHC Air West, Vancouver, BC. In 1968.

Accident: Roberts Creek,British Columbia. 24-Aug-1957. Struck by CF-ISO, a Cessna 180 in flight.

• CF-FHC Nanaimo Airlines Ltd., Nanaimo, BC. Circa Oct-1967-1968.

• CF-FHC Yukon Airways Ltd., Whitehorse, YT. Regd Nov-1968 and canx prior to c of a renewal dated 13-may-1974.

• C-FFHC Trans North Turbo Air 1971, Whitehorse, YT. Regd prior to c of a renewal dated 13-May 1974. Canx prior to c of a renewal dated 13-May-1976.

Accident: Davin Lake Saskatchewan. Late 70’s. Aircraft ground looped on touchdown. Rebuilt by Pacific Aircraft Salvage.

• C-FFHC Northwestern Flying Services Ltd., Nestor Falls, ON. Regd prior to c of a renewal dated 13-May-1976. And through to at least C of A renewal on 13-May-1979.

• C-FFHC Athabaska Industries Ltd., Stony Rapids, SK. Regd, 09-May-1980. Canx 09-Jun-1988. Regd 27-Feb-1988 & Canx 14-Nov-1989.

• C-FFHC Thunderbird Aviation / 303393 Saskatchewan Ltd., Stony Rapids, SK.  Regd 18-May-1994. Canx 17-Jul-1994

• C-FFHC Contact Charters (Contact Air), Fort McMurray, AB • Regd Sep-1994

Note: Although not on CCAR reported as Contact Charters (Contact Air), Fort McMurray Alberta. Regd Sep-1994.

• CF-FHC Re-regd 31-May-1995 on rebuild by Al Beaulieu, Pacific Aircraft Salvage in 1994.

• CF-FHC 590730, Alberta Ltd., t/a Thunderbird Aviation, Saskatoon, SK. Regd 18-May-1994. Canx 20-Jul-1994.

• CF-FHC Air Mikisew Ltd., (Contact Air), Fort McMurray, AB. Regd 28-Jul-1995. Canx 29-Apr-2003.

• CF-FHC Bates Air, Powell River, BC. Regd 16-Jun-2003. Canx 23-Jul-2003.

• CF-FHC Beau Del Air, Inuvik, NT. Regd 23-Jul-2003. Canx 30-Oct-2003.

• CF-FHC Pacific Wings Airlines Ltd., Sechelt, BC. Regd. 28-Nov-2003. Canx 16-Feb-2005.

• CF-FHC South Moresby Air Charters Ltd., Queen Charlotte City, BC. Regd 20-May-2005. Canx 06-Jun-2005.

• CF-FHC Tsayta Airways, Fort St. James, BC. Regd 13-Jul-2005. Canx 21-Nov-2005.

• CF-FHC The Fly Guy Aviation Inc., Calgary, AB. Regd 21-Nov-2005. Canx 09-Jun-2006.

• CF-FHC Tsayta Aviation Ltd., Fort St. James, BC. Regd 09-Jun-2006. Canx 29-Nov-2006.

• CF-FHC The Fly Guy Aviation Inc., Pitt Meadows, BC. Regd 02-Jan-2007. Canx 07-May-2007.

• CF-FHC Poss leased to Pacific Rim Aviation, Pitt Meadows, BC.

• CF-FHC Central Flyway Air Inc., (Venture Air), Thompson, MB. Regd 07-May-2007. Canx 20-Nov-2007.Regd 10-Apr-2008. Canx 06-Nov-2008

• CF-FHC The Fly Guy Aviation Inc., Calgary, AB, (Christopher Georgas, Calgary, AB) . Based Pitt Meadows, BC. Regd 10-Nov-2008. Canx 09-Aug-2018.

• CF-FHC Fort Langley Air Ltd., White Rock, BC Regd 09-Aug-2018. Based Ft. Langley.

Photo © Fort Langley Air

• CF-FHC Hydravion Adventure Inc. St. Etienne-Des-Gres, QC. Regd 16-Sep-2019. Canx 13-Oct-2019.

• CF-FHC Emo Investments Ltd, (Trading as Ross Air) Emo, ON. Based Burditt Lake, ON Regd 21-Jul-2020.